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EmuWiki Launched

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Ok, I was curious as to how to add special stuff to this Wiki so I went to the roWiki site and found the commands to add bold, bullet points, and lines. Hopefully this will help you guys in formatting it and making it look really cool.

The following text formatting rules can be used in roWiki. It's best to see the Help-page of your freshly installed roWiki for examples, and to try it out yourself.


    * Linebreaks are, well, linebreaks

    * To make text bold or italics, put it in double or triple single quotes ('' or ''')

    * Four dashes (----) on a line yield a horizontal line

    * Starting a line with exclamation marks gives headings. The more the bigger (!!!Very big)

    * Lists can be created by prefixing a line with an asterisk (*) for an unordered or a pound sign (#) for an ordered list

    * Surrounding text in {curly brackets} displays it in a monospace font, and the layout is preserved (perfect for code-examples)

    * External links are recognized automagically. Just paste the http://..., same for eMail-addresses. If you prefer to display a descriptive text rather than an ugly link, you can use the pipe symbol (|) in square brackets, e.g. [Link text|http://www.example.com].

    * If an URL points to an image, like http://www.rowlff.de/rowlff.png, roWiki automagically displays that image.

    * Set wiki-links by putting the name of the page in [square brackets]. If the target of the link does not yet exist in your wiki, is is created as an empty page as soon as you click on the link for the first time.

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