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this dog really annoys me


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you should get one of those wristles that when you blow it, it creates a horrible screech down the dog's eardrum, it's really handle, and yet, they can't stand the pain.


nice, but the fact that i smoke makes it a not so good solution :D


I wonder if is there any chemical solution i can spray on my grass and that will cause the dog an allergic reaction, not strong but strong enough to keep it away of my frontyard, anyway it is my frontyard after al so i do what i please

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You can get a cherry bomb and when the dog is sleeping sneak up behind him, pry his mouth open, and toss it in and run!!! MUAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA!


But seriously, I think talking to the owner is the best solution. You could try getting those invisible fences but I think those are expensive.

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Call The Cops And Say That Its Your Dog(Start To Cry) Then Say THat Its Suffering From Cancer, Then Ask Them To Put IT Out Of Its Misery.


Somebodies been pursuing ebaum's world to much. -_-



If you hate the dog that much Alexis......perhaps you can lay some rat poison out. Or better yet throw it in the dog's yard. Then wish the pooch a bon voyage. That's what some idiot was doing in Columubus. Killed like 10 dogs hahahahah....

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u should get urself a airsoft gun and shoot the dog, use a rifle tho, so u can't be seen


good idea, those things rock. heheh my friend has a mp5 airsoft and a glock we always shoot each other and chase his girl friend with em hehehe.


anyways on topic (i think) I pretty much hate all dogs. call the pound and have it put down.

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