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What are your plans for New Year's and Christmas?


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well for me, me and my buddies are jus gonna have a nice barbeque, jus hang out and embrace our vacation. new year's maybe a party perhaps?


well anyways, its christmas eve, and i think its pretty much been a year now that i have been in this forum. its been a great year for me because i actually feel like all of u are people that i actually know. reading your thoughts and opinions on things really made it easier for me to understand most of ur personailities. this forum is pretty much my daily routine now and i dont see any signs of leaving or anythin like that...regardless of lack of roms or emulation. its more of a place where a bunch of guys, and a girl here and there, can just come in and say whatever they want on all kinds of topics. so with that said, its been a nice year, i wish all of u a merry xmas and a happy holidays. enjoy ur holidays to the fullest, and be safe... :afro:

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Christmas: Probably repo somebody's crap while they're eating Christmas dinner.


New Year's: Hopefully, some bikers that do tow-offs will have the contract for some property surrounding a bar with no parking locked down. If that's the case, I suspect that they will get something like 200 cars in one night, if they hustle it. I'll get to help, if they have that deal set.

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