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Bittorrent seems to be dying....

Elazul Yagami

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Rumor has it that there's a new function in the universal BT code that decentralizes the torrents. No need for trackers beyond a single connection. Meaning that even if the tracker fails, your download still continues.


The XBT Client and BitComet are the only ones that support this feature at the moment. Client coders are lazy.

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The past 4 BIG torrents iwent for threw suprnova were down anyway.

Soon IP servers will have to cap to 5 GIG month anyway, they will control us, they will stop us downloading, its only a matter of time becasue people are losing a lot of money.

Nothing is for free you should all remember that.

Be affraid be very affraid.

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You know how torrents on suprnova always list the uploader next to them, and a lot of times that uploader was an irc channel name? Well, those channels were not affected by these shutdowns... go check em out if you can't find a working site

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(To those who have been using BT for the last year(April `03 till now) will know what I'm talking about)

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Here's a related article :D


Only now is it sinking in that Suprnova has gone. I must have tried like 10 times today forgetting each time I did so :)


Any other sites known to be gone?


Apart from Suprnova, Torrentbits, Youceff... more?

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G19, Suprnova is not dead at all, it only has a simple problem of updating.


Btw, I read : the RetSpan association files a complaint against the suprnova web site.


From : www.retspan.info/


RetSpan files a complaint against the suprnova web site


PARIS - November 5, 2004 - Following up repeated requests from many Net surfers, and because of the insufficient mobilization of the software and media industry, RetSpan (an association whose main purpose is to fight against online piracy) has filed a complaint with IFCC (Internet Fraud Complaint Center) regarding the suprnova web site, blaming it for illegally providing counterfeited and copyrighted contents.


Not only the suprnova web site manages lists of tens of thousands of products available on the BitTorrent peer-to-peer network*, but it also distributes and hosts files known as torrent files that are necessary to initialize the download of these products. This web site deliberately provides its visitors with many movies, music albums, software and video games without any authorization, sometimes even before the commercial release of these products.


"Once again, we are witnessing a phenomenon of massive piracy that is strongly growing. The BitTorrent network is becoming a piracy highway and web sites like suprnova are the access ramps to this highway. And there is obviously no toll charge here" declares Antoine Scoyoc, in charge of the investigation department at RetSpan. "Web users write to us more and more frequently to complain about web sites such as suprnova and they wonder why producers or the media industry do not react more promptly. Indeed, in order to limit the phenomenon, requiring the closure of web sites that illegally distribute torrent files is not a big deal."


The traffic of data on the BitTorrent network has literally exploded during the latest months. Considering this alarming situation, RetSpan has watched more closely the BitTorrent network since the beginning of September 2004. Given that the popularity of the web sites that propose illegal torrent files is growing very fast, the decision to require the closure of the most popular web sites was quickly approved unanimously.


"A web site such as suprnova generates nearly 80 million web pages on any given day**, and this provides every day several thousands of euros to its owner thanks to advertising banners. We cannot tolerate the fact that the owners of these web sites can live with impunity. This is like a Maffia!" denounces a RetSpan administrator.


"suprnova's webmaster, who obviously wishes to stay anonymous, is supposed to live in Slovénie", explains Antoine Scoyoc. "The fact that this country is now part of the European Union is a good thing: the co-operation between European police services will make it possible to identify this individual more easily. In addition, servers that host many pages for this web site, as well as torrent files, are located in the USA, in the suburbs of Chicago and San Francisco. This makes possible an intervention from the American authorities in order to put an end to the copyright infringement."


Other servers host integral copies of the web site, in the Netherlands for example.


Having studied these elements, RetSpan thus filed on October 19, 2004 a complaint against suprnova with the Internet Fraud Complaint Center and local FBI agencies in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and Phoenix. Hosting companies and Internet Service Providers dealing with suprnova were also contacted, along with other specialized services in Europe.


"Very clearly, we are going to require the closure of other similar web sites in the weeks to come", says a spokesperson for RetSpan. "We regret that the media industry has not reacted earlier, as we spoke with them about the BitTorrent phenomenon. They should not always wait until it is too late to do something! We obviously need means and also support to win this fight. Fortunately, we are very confident that the software and media industries are supporting us in this case, because the investigations to come will surely make it possible to identify and dismantle more quickly organized groups whose goal is the plundering of copyrighted materials on the Internet. Moreover, we encourage producers and industry representatives to order summary procedures before the Court to request the immediate closure of web sites that distribute without authorization torrent files of copyrighted materials."


* BitTorrent is a peer-to-peer (P2P) network used by millions of web users to download and distribute computer files of all kinds


** according to statistics provided by the web site alexa.com




For further information: presse@retspan.info

Web site: www.retspan.info

Phone line: 0 871 717 919 (prix appel local)

Attention, new address: RetSpan - 102 avenue des Champs-Elysées - 75008 PARIS - France

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