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What do U think about Marvel comic books


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the stories and characters are extremely good.


Yeah, charas bios & origins 're fine, very creative, there 's a new edition of the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe (OHotMU).



Link to 1 cover of the new edition of the OHotMU Book of the Dead : http://www.marvel.com/comics/onsale/covers..._0image_big.jpg

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I was a huge fan of marvel comics as a kid. I loved Wolverine and the Guardians of the Galaxy. I've just recently started getting back into comics. Now I really like the Marvel Max comics. Especially Supreme Power. I also just went and got all the Earth/Paradise/Universe X series and that was really good. It seems that Marvel has never really faded, and just keeps getting more impressive.


But not I'm not so exclusive to Marvel anymore, as I think comics in general are way better than when I was a kid. I read other stuff, like Hellboy/BPRD and Y the Last Man as well.

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When I was a kid, I read a lot of comics, and almost exclusively Marvel. Their characters just had a better feel than their only real rivals at the time, DC. Some of my favorites were Dark Hawk, Spider Man (mostly The Amazing), and the New Warriors. Most of the recent Marvel stuff that I've seen has been kind of for a younger-than-I-am audience. 1602 was kinda cool, but it wasn't the same as reading a plain ol' Marvel superhero book. I started reading the Ultimates, and that didn't seem too bad, but I didn't keep it up. If anyone has any suggestions on new Marvel stuff, I'd be willing to revisit my first love in comics.


Like Sultan, I've since come to appreciate more. The recent GI Joe series by Devil's Due is pretty good. Lone Wolf 2100 by Dark Horse was unique and interesting. I might like some of Vertigo's stuff if they'd taken more of a cue from Sandman (which was friggin' awesome), but they seem to have followed in Preacher's (which was ok) footsteps instead. DC's has done a lot of awesome stuff with Batman that I might have otherwise missed, including Hush and Year One. I've even found some indy stuff that I dig, like ATI/Planetlar's Foot Soldiers (maybe out of print by now).

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Way back when I was really into mostly Marvel comics. Then the anime bug hit and I never looked back. I still find the Marvel characters and universe interesting, like X-men, Spiderman, and Silver Surfer. I never bought comics persee, but I did at one time read the free one's available at Marvel's site. The last comics I remeber reading and enjoying was Origins (revelation on Wolverine's past) and The Death and Return of Superman.


I've also been meaning to read Kingdom Come.....I know its been out for a long time. Basically it set in the future where superheroes are in their later years (40's to 50's) and the comic delves into what the world would be like.

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iron man

war machine


cpt. america

the hulk


the punisher



the fantastic four


ghost rider


that's all i could think of there all my favorite :devilboy: oh yea i love marvel my favorite type of comics

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I use to love Marvel comics. My favs were Iron Man, Silver Surfer, Punisher, Punisher 2099, Thunderstrike, Venom, and the Carnage series. But they seemed to suffer a slump - storywise and artworkwise - some years ago, and I lost interest. Still have the occasional look though.

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