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My friend just sent me this thing on MSN... asks you to accept a virus, automatically declines, then sends some message about attaching to some system file. Lol.


Where can you get things like this? I want to freak people out :lol:




These are only joke things... :)

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oh yer talking about those virus promo crap, man I remember there was one that scare the sh!t out of me, it black out my desktop, while both my cd-drive and burner drives were ejecting back and forth constantly.


anyway it ain't really funny, I don't find it funny doing to somebody neither.

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Guys seriously its not things like that... just things that appear in MSN. Doesnt effect desktops... doesnt make drives go in and out or anything...


I just want crap that people look at and think... "S*** has something happened? Hey man did you seriously send me a virus" Nothing more malicious than that.


And not even just virus things... just little freaky things to do with MSN in general...

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Dude MSN isnt as freaky as yahoo, go in the chat rooms there and well, lets just say a guy singing to his microphone with a bunch of fake files you never seen before poping out in your comp scares the hell out of you....especially when your 14...

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