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Been a long time


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Thnx man.

Looks like kawaks and nebula got the glory.

I still got the neo rage hacked version, where you had to put in a password to play an emu lol.

So guess ill be ok then if no one has been playing around with it.

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You could also check out Final Burn Alpha ;)


Dont ya need different types of roms for final burn alpha?


Correct me if I'm wrong but I think there's a new FBA that supports neogeo roms, and runs faster then NRX. My guess is it uses same one's as Mame and Kawaks.

That isn't really new, you know. :) That's why iq_132 to emsley to try FBA. And yes, FBA uses different sets (except maybe older Neo-Geo games) than NeoRAGEx.

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