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What did you play most recently?


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Fear 3.



I missed fear 2 so cant say if this has any effect on me as such but judging the game...

Well I find it boring. Clever AI though, but other than that, environments are generic occasionally "ok"

It hasn't creeped me out at all..

You know what im just going to say it, FEAR 3 sucks.

I liked FEAR 2, so I guess I'll like the third as well, although when FEAR 2 came out, people said that it wasn't that scary anymore and the horror aspects took a backseat for the basic action. I suppose this is the case FEAR 3 as well.


It feels "out of date" you play some kind of deep dark, brooding vampire guy (this goth stuff aint my cup of tea only in rare occasions will i like this setting for a game), there is very little environment interaction. After been spoiled by the start of crysis 2 (not near the end though that game really starts to blow) and all the junk i could play with, and even duke nukem forever had a good interactive environment.


Compring this to MW2, Crysis 2, and even stalker, it's very generic...

For instance one of the "mini bosses" is a guy who glows blue, if you dont kill him in time, he spawns 4 or 5 regular soldiers. Then you start the merry go round again, only each time you fail to take him down, you get less and less ammo for every time you miss him.


Mechs: You fight a few mechs, want to know how to kill them? Simply hammer "G" and throw all your nades, and other variations of nades at the mech, as fast as you can. Then if its still standing a few clips. Job done.


Weapons: pistol, SMG, shitgun, Rifle with a 3 burst fire mode, and twin uzis, a rocket launcher which is only available during one mech fight for me so far, a sniper rifle, and I just got my hands on a lightning bolt gun.


Boxed in levels, boring storey vampire story, and very few scares...


Id seriosuly only give this 7/10 and even then only if you like vampire stuff.

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Age of Zombies.


Just upgraded my Droid Inc. to an Xperia Play, was a hassle finding the emulator apps since they've been removed from android market. So far i've played Super Punch-Out! and Some Pokemon Emerald on Snesoid and Gameboid and I must say, the upgrade was well worth it.


I paid all of $0.01 for this phone.

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I finally got round to getting my hand on a copy of call of duty black ops.


The same treyarch bullshit still remains from world at war.

I got the fucker running at a decent FPS after been told my dual core 6400 processor was a pussy for the game.

Ha! Has had some good moments though.

Im currently playing the Vietnam missions, oh man do these suck real bad.

Will write up a mini review when im done.

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I played a bit of the preview copy of deus ex human revolution. (in Borat voice) very nice!

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Its all over torrent sites.


the 360 version leaked today. so I'll be playing that tomorrow, gotta hit the sack now...

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