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What did you play most recently?


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finished Mafia II. the ending was abrupt. the last two levels were frustrating.


Just solidified why I hate cover based shooters. when you are out of cover for more then a second you are dead. but lets say you have to make your way down a switch back staircase. no cover. and dudes on the landing with shotguns means 6 or 7 instant deaths before you get lucky. add getting killed by getting shot through a foot thick concrete walls. yea it sucks.


story was great though.

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I got it but I am out of discs....


Well get to shop and get some more.

my ass is broke. :)

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Played quite a few games since I posted here.


Heres one


Played Castlevania HD. Its pretty fun for a while. Spent around 170 hours on it. Lots of grinding for Items or magic. Drop rate for the uberest of gear is ridiculous. Ive killed Dracula over 150 times and still dont have what im looking for. Most unfortunate is how old it gets. Theres only so many times you can grind one of 6 stages.

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