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What did you play most recently?


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God damn, the Über Soldat keeps owning my ass with his Tesla Gun time after another. I can barely take five steps on the catwalk and I'm already dead.

The Uber Soldat whooped my ass good in that game.

Aye... Finally beat him though... Used the bulletproof glass trick. ;)

What do you mean by this?

I beat those bastard by hiding between pillars (if I think this is the level you are talking about.)

You start the boss battle on the catwalk, right? To your right, there's the control room where Deathshead (or whatever his name was) is, and directly underneath the control room is a small area that's separated from the main area by a bulletproof glass panel.


So as soon as can, jump off the catwalk and go behind that bulletproof glass. The Über Soldat will walk back and forth and try and shoot you through the glass. At one point thought, he's smart enough to go around the glass and that's when the two of you need to switch places. :)


The only problem now are the natzis that try to shoot you from the catwalk above, so just take them out with the Venom Gun and at the same time keep the Über Soldat at the other side of the glass. Then just strafe in and out of cover and deliver some Panzerfaust doom. When you ran out of rockets, switch to grenades. The Venom Gun works too, but you need to take the the spinup time into account.


You'll still get hit a few times, since the Tesla is such a biatch for a gun.

Oh yeah, I remember this. The 1st encounter :banghead::banghead:

I hate it when the Uber Soldat seems to have homing capabilities.


Playing TIE Fighter, going to complete it now :P

But damn, it is so hard to destroy a Star Destroyer! :banghead::banghead::banghead:

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The Sims 2. I don't care how much people biatch about it when they've never played it, that game is frickin' cool.


My girlfriend likes to play it as a "dollhouse," just cheating to get as much money as she wants and building big houses and stuff. I play it as a strategy game, trying to run an efficient sim or family of sims and become wealthy as quickly as possible while remaining happy. If people can play it in such different ways and still have fun, Good Stuff I say.

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halo 2

holy crap I had no idea the game actually gets pretty good after the arbitur (sp) level

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Shadow Hearts: Covenant flocking owns. You know it's true.

I know it does :D


When you get near the end of the second disc, give me a heads up, I have to tell you a tip so you won't get the bad ending.

Will do.

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I just got project snowblind, it's an alright shooter but I've had more fun with goldeneye RA. Going to get monkey ball deluxe and mx vs atv so I have a great long weekend ahead.

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