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unnofficial: River City Ransom Thread!

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They could of made it a perfect port for the GBA, but No, they have to enhance the game :naughty: made it very easy and put moves that you can finish the game with just a button tapping.


Still my budget is way too tight, so once I get my flash card, I'll be playing a GBA ver for the sake of the great memories I had with this game back in NES days.

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i havent either, so we are pretty much even :lol: ive been practicing a little bit tho.


Goddamn this is sweet game, it came out like 10 years ago+ and people are still obsessed with it and re-releasing it, TAKE THAT HALO 2!!!!


hahahaha yeah,

any weekend will be right to me, yeah that game ruled even when the gfx were crappy for that time, theyu were special too as the game


another cool game was Battletoads.

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