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Good movie sequels?


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Kill Bill vol.2 isn't a sequel. Kill Bill was split into two releases because the movie was getting too long, so technically "vol. 2" is just the second half of Kill Bill.


I also believe that Spiderman 2 sucked (although I loved the first one.) So did Blade 2 (also loved the first one.) X2, on the other hand, is one of the best sequels of all time, in that it completely improved on *everything* done right in the first, and got right what the original got wrong.


Also, the Mad Max sequels are great.

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Well, umm, what about Scary Movie 2!!! O and and, well, Halo 2's a game, but at Gamespot they say the script for HALO the movie is already done and they already got 2 actors sighned up...so I wouldnt doubt the movie will come out.........eventually. O and and , Childs Play 2 was stupid.....

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Oh yeah, X-Men 2 was good. Mad Max 2 was better than the first one though Beyond Thunderdome SUCKED!

Because of Tina Turner? :P

Yeah, that and the movie just blew.

Ehhh, I think Mel Gibson still made it a little better. :P

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