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Best Arcade Stick For Xbox/PC?


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I have realy worn out the springs in my player-1 Stick -->




i want to replace it with the original neogeo stuff that is in there but it doesnt say "HAPPS" anywhere on the joystick base,,,,i think it was made by neogeo


If i cant replace with original parts i need to know whats the best "springyest" sticks to get ?  an i like the kind that limit  your rotation to a 8 pointed star...so you get your corner moves good!


any help is appreciated


Go to happcontrols.com > PC arcade > Joysticks. You would be talking about the competition joystick. They are 8 way sticks and ultra quiet. Probably the best sticks on the US market.

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I seriously want to know what's everyone got against the "ball" style. I find it more comfortable then the bat.


You and me both. JAP style sticks are blazing fast. It's a noticeable difference between them and US joysticks in my opinion. The top ball grip is a minor thing to get over if you aren't used to it.

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i got \ a cheap $14.99 pelican xbox controller and i want to mod it, have anyone mod this controller before? ive heard some people said they have problem modding cheap xbox controllers, as they not working properly..and they got more than one ground connection on the pcb board...

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Gotcha. Ultimarc has some nice hybrid sanwa stuff. Seimetsu joysticks are pretty much the same as sanwa, but some have a longer shaft so they can be top mounted. In the pic, yours was bottom mounted so I didn't know if you had routed out the wood or had a seimetsu with longer shaft for bottom mounting.

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