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[11/30/04] Capcom Fighting Evolution

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Game: Capcom Fighting Evolution

System: Arcade, PS2, Xbox

Emulators: That PS2 emulator I don't follow.


*No screenshots, because I don't want to use the press kit nor use watermarked images from other sites.


Much to community, this could be Capcom's final 2D fighter. After Capcom of America acquired most of Street Fighter intellectual properties from Japan last month. Many have claimed that was the death of Street Fighter it self.


Only 7 months in development, and roughly developed by at least 8 people(8 for initial development, 3 for music, 3 for background art, 1 for character art, and a few Udon artists, any other names are either beta testers or staff that had already left Capcom many years ago), many people felt insult by this game when it first took light, many were, in fact, Capcom enthusiasts and hardcore fighters alike took shots at this game. Claiming it to be pure mugen. They were wrong. Nay sayers of this game are the ones who haven't played it to it's fullest, using all the characters and trying everything.


Sporting 23 characters, and only one new character in sight, Ingrid, the game is surprisingly not a let down in my opinion. If you've ever wanted to see Yun in almost all his full SFIII glory take on the SFII version of M.Bison, this would be the place.


Taking 4 characters(5 in Darkstalkers and Street Fighter II) from different series, in a similar “VS” game style fashion, this game is showing off the CAPCOM side of the VS series, with it's small roster, which may or may not be deemed too well, provides players with the strange Red Earth characters, the powerful Street Fighter II characters, the parryful Street Fighter III characters, the custom combo enduring Street Fighter Alpha characters, the odd Darkstalkers and one new character, named Ingrid, who was a character in the now unreleased Capcom Fighting-All Stars, battle it out in this tag team fighter.


Unlike other tag fighters, this is fought under one on one rules, where at the before each round, players are able to choose 2 fighters, thus creating different teams and being able to put any of them first before each match and round. These odd teams can lead to both powerful and destructive forces on the playing field. Examples include this team, of SF2's Guile and SF3's Alex. The player let's Guile go first, he builds his meter, which at the end of the round, changes to Alex, carrying the full stock from the SF2 meter in SF3's at a full 2/2. Thus creating Alex to use 2 super arts during his round.


Each batch of fighters of course use different systems. Street Fighter 2 characters are the basic cream of the crop, they cannot alpha counter, EX moves, Air Block, dash nor parry, and carry one super art stock. But, what they lose to other characters, make up in force, SF2 characters, while are arguably considered the strongest characters, aren't by far the top in the game. But they can wipe at least 1/3 of the cast with their power. They have also been tweaked to their SFII properties, but they don't fight exactly like their SFII selves contrary to a popular belief. Oh, and the crazy damage on the SPD IS BACK! No more “OMG SPD...wait that did nothing” moments in other games with Geeif!


Street Fighter 3 characters, can how ever, EX moves, parry, block, super jump and dash, but they can't do things found in the DS and SFA games, but they do how ever still have their Universal Over Head. Having 2 of their 3 supers(with the exception of Urien, who has all 3 S.Arts) arts from Street Fighter III, they are possibly the most diverse in the game. Having the ability to recover faster with their parrying, and their EX moves which some are cancel-able into any of their 2 super arts. Sad to say, all SFIII characters have lost frames, but some have gotten faster as a result, such as Urien, who was slow dominating force in Third Strike has now gotten faster, and albeit more dangerous as a result. Yun, another 3s character who has been in the “VS” series of games has also changed, in the right hands, he can still be the destructive force he was in 3s even without his Gai-Jin special.


Street Fighter Alpha characters have all their properties from SFA2 and some of 3, such as recovery rolling, air block and alpha cancels. Their bar is different, they have the ability to hit Custom Combos (which is more similar to SFA2 then Capcom vs SNK 2's I find) and access to Level 1 supers. Although some characters are at fault when using this such as Guy and Rose, but it is quickly adoptable because everything in this game doesn't have it's exact properties from where they were from originally. Noticeable change, Sakura plays like SFA2 then CVS2, no Shoshos for you!


Darkstalkers, considered to be another powerful force, with their chain combos, guard cancel attacks, ES-able moves and the occasional Midnight Bliss from Dimitri, but given their weakness, they should be used with caution and extreme detail. Because of their link attacks, they are very powerful in certain situations, however, if they are up a certain opponent from a certain group, things can lead to dangerous proportion. Example would be Jedah vs Karin, if Karin enabled her CC mode and did a well known CC that controls damage and resets Jedah could find him self on the short end of the stick, especially if Karin's CC bar was 100%. With this type of balance, the game provides a Counter/Counter-Character game.


Ingrid's game is roughly a copy of Capcom vs SNK 2's C groove, with the ability to recovery roll, Mid-air counter, dash, rolling and super jump canceling(also found in SF3 characters). Although most would link her to be an Athena clone, she has some unique properties that make her a different character, but thats to the eye of the beholder. That and her theme song totally rocks.


Finally, the Red Earth characters, quite possibly the most unique to use. These guys can gain levels (up 5, by pressing MP+MK uses 1 stock) that adds to damage to their normals, specials and mystic breaks. Including more defense. They also have a follow up attack like the Darkstalkers and another thing called Ultimate guard, during the time it is enabled, they are totally defended against all attacks, including supers and throws. But all does not come at a cost, these characters are range efficacy. Hauzer, the big T-Rex, has by far the biggest poking range in the game, while Kenji is concidered the best to handle all ranges, yet Leo is the best for close range combats while Hydron has his uses too, most players will consider him to weak due to their inability to use him, but he is one complex character.


Since each batch of characters and Ingrid, use a different playing style, or “groove,” the game is by far very playable in this fashion. The gameplay doesn't suffer, and for old school players (this is mostly directed too anyways, not the casual at all) can pick up this game and learn right away. The way Capcom has balanced this game is truly amazing, yet it character roster feels some what incomplete and limited(and to some, not having their favorite character there = bad). It's ok though, this leads to alternation and various combinations for the player. They have created something that has it's uses under the Counter/Counter-Character scheme. This is mostly found in fighters that everyone is considered to be the best, even at their faults(For reference, no KOF is like that, as much as I want it to be, KOF isn't considered something like that). In other genders of games, one should be carefully considered would be Starcraft. Like CFE, SC has it's Counter/Counter-Classes which provide unique combinations in play, offensively and defensively for each of it's 3 races.


Unlockables are nothing on the short end. No galleries or extra stages. On that side, there are only 2 hidden characters and tons of character themes to unlock.


While the game make look bad to some, it looks decent to others, and everyone ultimately doesn't see the game's graphics to be “good.” Some of the backgrounds are nice and drawn beautifully(actually, I think it's just one level), while some others look bland and stiff. Stage themes are preset but if you've unlocked character themes, there is a way to hear them play while fighting. Characters them selves look like their from their original game. Mostly what bugs me is Dimitri and Anakaris, they don't seem to blend as well onto the stages then other characters. Well, as a bonus, almost all the characters in the game have their Midnight Bliss and Toy forms. The Toy forms are very funny, as for the midnight bliss moves, their cool, and 2 are considered extremely funny, with one being “WTF?” factor, also some of them are references to many anime titles. (Check out M.Bison's, his reminds me of Natarle from Gundam Seed, while Urien's reminds me of Nadia)


In saying, Capcom(Of Japan) could be finally be threw with fighters. But if the sales are good, who knows, we might be seeing a CFE 2 with a handful of more characters. And hopefully some new talent.


Controls: 7/10

**Controls are 6 button style, tested both on a stick and controller, no command lag or input problems (Besides the charge moves, then again, those were always hard).

Gameplay: 7/10

**Excellent gameplay, each character retains something from their game, with modification.

Graphics: 5/10

**The down side about this game. But when you play 2D games, this doesn't matter that much. Unless you compare it to GGXX, then your just an idiot for doing so.

Sound: 6/10

**Sounds are either ripped from old games or new (in the case of Ingrid), but crisp clear otherwise. Music is all new, except for the unlockable themes


Overall Score: 7 / 10


Grade: B-


If your skeptical, rent it, play it for a few hours with a friend. It will grow on you, slowly. I say again, PLAY WITH A FRIEND. It ain't fun with the computer on 8 stars and your soloing.


This is the last 2D fighter I've competed in over here in Montreal. I've moved onto to VF4: Evo because of the stupidity thats stuck with the remainding 2D fighting community.


And since theres no emote to put a thumb side ways. i'm just gonna rock out. :D


No matter how much you hate it, no matter how much bad you say against it, people still like it. So shut it.


*Re-evaluated it. B-, B-, B-, B-

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Ryu's Midnight Bliss form is the little girl he knocks over in the SF2 anime movie.




An open minded review towards this game? I never thought it possible. I still don't know why Shin Akuma is listed in this game as a SF2 character.

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This is the review I did for this game at a couple of other forums.


Capcom Fighting Evolution: A decent fighter but not up to par.


System: PS2

Genre: Fighting


Capcom's latest (and every SNK fanboy's hopes for last) 2D fighting game. 23 characters that span 5 Capcom fighting games (1 character is brand, spanking new):


Street Fighter 2: Ryu, Guile, M. Bison, Zangief, and Shin Akuma (Commence WTFs.)

Street Fighter Alpha: Guy, Sakura, Karin, and Rose

Street Fighter 3: Alex, Yun, Chun-Li, and Urien

Darkstalkers: Demetri, Felicia, Jedah, Anakaris, and Pyron

Red Earth: Kenji, Leo, Hauzer, and Hydron

Brand New: Ingrid (First appeared in the cancelled Capcom Fighting All-Stars.)


The only sprites that are new are Ingrid's and all the Midnight Bliss forms. I really don't have any gripes for this. I actually prefer the older sprites over newly drawn ones


The backgrounds are completely 3D. Some stages have characters from the games listed in the backgrounds.


Music is passable. I'm just too use to Guilty Gear's heavy rock tunes.


The only one true gripe I have is that Shin Akuma is listed as a Street Fighter 2 character. Shin Akuma appeared first in one of the Street Fighter Alpha games (Most likely SFA3.) not in SF2. That was regular Akuma instead.


The first reason I got this game was to play with the Red Earth characters as the American Red Earth was limited release for Dreamcast and 99.9% of Americans didn't know it existed.




The gameplay. Each fighter retains pretty much all moves from he/she's respective game though maybe losing or gaining a little. SF3 characters use all that parrying crap while being able to use 2 out of 3 of their Super Arts on the fly (Urien retains all 3 and in SF3 you could only choose one upon selection of character). Darkstalkers retain their ability to perform EX versions of their special moves and the easy combo (I.E. WP, MP, HP.). SF2 is the basic of all of them though they now can perform 2 super moves (Originally could only do 1.). SFA characters, unlike the rest, don't have super art moves but instead do Custom Combos which I've always hated. I couldn't tell you much about Red Earth since it was obvious that I've never played it but they are quite good. When you stock a super, you can either use it on your opponent or use it to level up which makes your defense and offense stronger (Can level up to 5 times and leveling up allows to use stronger super arts.). Ingrid plays similar to Capcom vs SNK 2.


BTW, Pyron is the mid-boss and Shin Akuma is the final boss (I can only defeat Shin Akuma with Demitri.).


When you defeat arcade mode, you are treated with a comic panel of each character you chose (You can only have a total of 2 characters.). I kinda laughed as some of them show that you can't use the Japanese storyline of a character and apply it to the American version (I.E: Zangief. In Japan, it was revealed that he was gay yet in CFE he's cleary a heterosexual.).


After each round, you're asked to choose which character to start off the next round with. You either press 2 punches or 2 kicks. Anywho, Capcom did this as when you play in Versus that your opponent can't tell who you chose.


Anywho. To the score.



I give this game a 7/10. Not the best but could of been better with somemore time spent. As this game was in development for 7 months I believe.

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not bad, although id give it a 4/10, its not a BAD game, but capcom could have done much better because it feels way too much like another s.f, and not much fair representation on capcom's behalf ( they should have had team megaman, team re, team DMC, team viewtiful joe, ect)

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