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I don't like the idea of an anime forum, its bad enough that there is anime/hentai/cosplay addicts flooding ever gaming forum on the net, and I would hate to see 1Emu to fall into that category. I mean that’s what makes it stand out form the rest, in my opinion.

A considerable number of our frequent posters are already "anime/hentai/cosplay addicts," it just kind of goes with the territory. There are so many more focused message boards out there that I don't think we're going to attract a horde of the worst posters if we open our own. However, giving the resident fans their own forum would keep anime-related dealings away from where you'd have to see them. :huh:


How about a better/more well organized review archive? Like have a review archive link in the reviews forum, like the person can either click on console/ pc game or search for a game by genre. So every time someone adds a review they can have put into its proper category.

This I like. I always thought it would be cool if the reviews could be organized and accessable from the main site, rather than buried away in a sub-forum, but that would be even more work.


Also what do you think of a Sports forum? Not just stuff like Football, basket ball etc..., I mean all general sports. Like MMA (mixed martial arts), Kick boxing, wrestling and pro wrestling, everything sports.

Like we really need one more place in the world for meatheaded jocks to biatch about their favorite groups of sweaty men. Part of what I like about this forum is that the people are more intelligent than that. Ah touche. :D Just kidding, but until the anime fans start posting bad cosplay pictures of themselves, realize that to each there is his own.


I have a lot more idea's, better downloads in the download section, like patches that members here have made, Fatals Place, Bare Knuckle discussion forum (i.e. strong opinions, venting on something or someone, flame wars etc..), more features in your personal profile, like a blog, music, etc...

More personal profile stuff would be cool, as would the blog and blog-like features. Those might be a lot of work to implement though. I'm against the idea of a public "bare knuckle" forum, however. Strong Opinions can be stated anywhere on the forum, but Flame Wars and personal attacks are outlawed to the benefit of the entire board. Those can be handled over private means if needed.

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I would like to donate too but can Malaysian donate using Paypal?

I tot it's for US only :huh:


Yes, you can. The only thing you can't do is withdraw funds to your local bank accounts.


Good, some money is always good for this site. I'll try it out.

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I really don't think paying for Kaillera server is a good idea yet because how many people will use it? We should wait till this place has more than just 6 people who will use it. The way I see it, the money we put up for a Kaillera server will just be used by a bunch of freeloaders who won't even join this site.


I don't know...I just don't think it's a wise investment at this time.

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