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TURKEY Time... it's coming :D


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So what do you like with your turkey or in your turkey?


Here's my personal favorites...


+ Don't care about stuffings

+ Must have gravey, little cooked onions, and sweet/potatoes (mashed, baked..don't matter)

+ Cooked carrots, medium salted

+ Mushrooms in a special (soy) sauce

+ Have to have cranberries on the side

+ Need to eat it with the salad (Ranch dressing) on the side


I may have it also with some Uncle Ben's rice or something.

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well...every year that I've been here for thanks giving (I now live here with my grandparents) my grandma always made, not just turkey, but a ham as well :D :D :D


soo yeah, I like ham with my turkey, also like my grandpa's stuffing which he makes with olives, and I like my grandma's mash potatoes with a whole flocken mess of gravy


then....dessert. It's always beeen..............PUMPKIN PIE!!! :D :D :D


no wonder I'm fat huh? but I don't care, it's still funny to see someone like...my uncle sitting down and not eating a lot even though he's not full cause he's on a diet :)





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I eat my turkey with gravy. Mashed potatoes are important. Maybe some corn. Some dinner rolls. Green beans. Green bean casserole. Cornflake hashbrown things (I don't know what they are). Fried onions. Cheesecake, gotta have that. I dunno, a lot.


Personally, I really just want to go to a local buffet. Like the Hong Kong buffet. Eat some crab and rice and stuff.

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