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Pacers Brawl With Fans During Pistons Game


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Well..it's been confirmed...


The NBA has suspended Ron Artest, Jermaine O'Neal and Stephen Jackson of the Indiana Pacers and Ben Wallace of the Detroit Pistons indefinitely on Saturday, Nov. 20, 2004, for their roles in Pacers-Pistons brawl Friday night, Nov. 19. Commissioner David Stern calls brawl 'shocking, repulsive and inexcusable.' All are shown in these 2003 handout photos. (AP Photo/NBAE)



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NBA fight [15 min] [Espn analysis] [42mb] includes play by play of what went down


at first, i thought artest was at fault for goin in and socking that fan, and then i thought it was wallece who provoked the fight with the push after being fouled. but and all and all, i think the fans really made it bad for everyone but for the players to act like that is also disgraceful. bill walton said it best, there was no winners, everyone involved was at fault, and its really a disgrace. its really sad for the kid fans who were there to see it, thats kinda messed up for a child to see a sporting event. im an uncle of a 4 year old, and i would never want him to see such violence in a pure sport like basketball. i mean sure, a player will get mad and push someone, but to throw stuff and chairs and a big ass rumble, thats something pretty disgraceful for a professional organization.

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yea sad for the kids to watch allof this.. they were prob all excited to be in the arena then that happened... vid showed some kids scared & crying


That kid that was scared and crying with his little brother holding him was the big african american guy's children. And if you look at other footage... you'll see either Ron Artest or one of the other players run over the kid who was crying. Then that's where the big african american guy start's hitting on the other player.


ESPN called it a "sucker punch"..... :lol:


The only reason why ESPN was defending the players was because they have a contract with the NBA. :banghead:

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