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max payne movie?


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I don't know if this has been brought up before but i'll post it anyways. i was playing max payne and on the booklet it comes w/ it says that there's gonna be a max payne movie. but it's been quite a while since it said that. supposedly dimension films and some other movie co. will be getting together to make this movie. but i personally don't think it will happen! :shootem:

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Holy F*ucking Sh!t!!!! There Will Be One. I Did A Google Search. Came Apon 3d Realms Forums. And Found This Link!



My Heart Is Just Pounding Like Hell Now!


EDIT: Nevermind It Was Just made By Some Dude. Although I'll Be Watching A Part If Not All Of It Now.

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I have Max Payne Hero. It's good except for the fact it has that SUPER SUPER SUPER crappy Nickelback song "Hero" playing throughout.


And the Max Payne movie is in limbo right now...there's been no news of it for years.

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