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The Simpson vs. Family Guy



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I dislike the Simpsons as well, but then, I dislike most cartoon comedies revolving around that kind of family. They're just bothersome. Family Guy is definitely better though. South Park is actually rather entertaining. It relies on things other than lame "I'm a dumbass father" humor. Like Towelie the stoned robotic towel playing the theme to Funky Town on a touch tone keypad.

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SNK, don't direct your holier-than-thou critique at one of my favourite shows, please!

As for the criticisms - homer becoming stupider was just a natural evolution of his character, and I for one like how much of a quick-to-anger alcoholic Homer has become. Bart on the other hand has toned down his "badness" alot, you obviously haven't been watching or you'd actually know that.

As for the religion thing - I don't know if you can notice but the show is a look at suburban life in middle america, and for most of middle america that means christianity - it's an irreplacable part of the setting. The fact that there are so many cracks at religion considering the target audience and model family are amazing and show the greatness of the writers.

The stories, too, are just natural evolutions - they've got crazier as the stories have progressed- and I for one preferred season 15, say, to even the earlier seasons like 3 or 4.

The non-lead female characters sound fine to me and I must have watched every episode multiple times. Also, it's not sexist because the voice of Bart is done by a woman so :P

King of the Hill absolutely sucks compared to the simpsons - it has NO JOKES in it, or at least none that make me laugh. Compare that to the Simpsons which usually has a number of jokes in a minute. The show's great strength is the number of jokes they can fit in an episode. Sure, that means no-one'll get every joke (at least, not without multiple viewing) but the great thing is it doesn't matter, because you'll be entertained all the way through.

Southpark, too, is awesome - I love the way they've matured and turned to social commentary.

Just because you happen to not like a show doesn't mean its asinine or boring or bad. The same goes for games, and you really need to learn that if you want to go into the gaming industry, or you won't get very far at all.

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Simpsons cuz i grew up with that show. Everyday at six o'clock i would turn on the t.v. just to watch the Simpsons when i was kid. Even though i found Family Guy to be much funnier than the Simpsons i cant say no to an old pastime.

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