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The Pre-Election Unscientific Poll


Who do you think will win??  

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I think Bush will win. It's war time and he's the incumbent. But it will be a close call though which isn't really a good sign. Bush should win by a landslide but that won't be happening.


I also would like to see Kerry win this, not only for the sake of the country, but just to spite all those evangelical fools that say Bush is the chosen one. And it would also be funny if Bush lost so it can set up a family dynasty of just one term in office. :D

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Oh yee of little faith...


Sure, it is war time. Since when, however, have you seen such a great political divide during an election, especially during war time?


Kerry is going to pull it off, I think. Swing voters usually vote away from the incumbent and now 6 out of 10 18-21 year olds will vote, meaning more Democratic votes (check my stats; they work).





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