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  1. Hi, i need some help with fbaxxx pro 1.28. I got only an VGA CRT monitor an any YUV->VGA converter.

    The vga monitor can only use an progressive signal. How can i set fbaxxx to 480p or 720p?


    I set the options in dashboard to 480p/720p an 16:9 widescreen, but when i start fba i got an "signal out of range" on my monitor. I think i have to change some options in the fba menues, but i got no screen.


    Can somebody please say me what key on joypad i must press to change the resolution to 480p/720p, with an fresh installed fbaxxx? (like start, down, down, a button....)


    edit fbaxxx.ini which is in the ini folder and change ncurrentvideomode to 1 (480p) or 2 (720p)

  2. That makes me remember the old time when I was searching NES/SNES/Genesis emus, retrogames was my first best site (and even my home page for years).

    What happened to consolemul is sad too, even if consolemul was dead since a long time before the webmaster died (in a hit and run I think) :( .


    I wanna thank all these webmasters in my name and in the name of all the emu beginners ;) (you too gamecop :P ).

  3. I ve already tried to code on PSP (you can find the philips RC6 or RC5 remote controller on my site (if it still exists)), but the way you re supposed to code on psp (with unofficial tools) is just a pain in the ass, cygwin etc... no way for me.


    Well if my theory is correct, i would say that most of the work is already done, you would simply have to import the cpus from (for example) the "others" section of fbaxxx or whatever - or just the CAVE set and compile accordingly.


    Did you even take a look at the source to see the possibilities?


    Yes, I did -> mame sources, and yes you can import other things (many arcade machines uses A6800 and Z80), I am just totally not interested by the PSP (not interested at all in many things now).

    As for an fbaxxx update that would add support, why not, IQ has done apparently a great job with a new rumble function that would work on metal slug, I have corrected some things on the HDTV selector since I now have an HDTV, maybe time for a release this week, I ll see.

  4. Another thing. Don't know if it's "normal"...

    FBAPro Doesn't save hiscores ? I don't see mine when I restart a game.

    Tks for answer,

    See ya !


    That s normal, you must use memory cards for neogeo, highscores were not saved in arcade machine because they were always turned on :D .

    So, use memory card function for neogeo games at least, but I think there is a bug with it, can't tell because I don't use this function.

  5. i've always had this MAJOR problem with FBA XXX Pro:

    it doesn't follow the rompaths i set in the FBAxxx.ini file. it only reads the roms that are in the \FBAXXX Pro\roms folder. why is that?


    I guess fbaxxx pro only use the ini of t:\ which is e:\tdata\... I don't remember <_< .

  6. What's new/fixed?


    - added HDTV support + 720x480 in pal60 and ntsc or 720x576 in PAL50

    - added informations (offset and scale) in adjust screen section (I ve seen it was requested)

    - added simple4x filter (only useful in 720p I guess)

    - fixed gamma options, it was randomly crashing

  7. Why isn't this build called Pro?  Is it separate from the 1.1x Pro releases?  I am still getting the ugly green screen on NeoGeo games boot, I thought that was already taken care of in FBA-XXX Pro 1.12?


    FBA-XXX Pro v1.12
    - Patched out HW test in Neo-Geo games. (removes ugly green screen on boot) (by iq_132)


    No, it is not FBAxxx pro.

  8. After looking at your source, I may have used a simpler method to produce approx. the same results (and it's easy to custmize, once +T+ decides to release the pro source publicly.)


    It's nice to review other logic/programming to produce similar output.




    I just would have liked not to have a resize while entering minimenu, but if I don't do it, the controller menu is messed up, if you have a solution, you're welcome :P.

  9. Yes, it is more like a port of a game now :P, and in kiosk mode, you don't have to change global options but I assume you still have to change some controls.

    That's why I wanted to finish minimenu before adding kiosk mode, I don't know how you did it, I haven't tested fbaxxx pro :).

  10. neither did I, a friend told me he used the april version because of some sound missing, I thought in the beginning that it was a bug with neogeo roms but after some tests, it was doing the same with all games.

    go take a look at aud_dsound.cpp or something like this, the while loop was desactivated, I didn't see any difference when I did it but apparently some ppl can hear some difference.

    It seems normal right now, at least that s what this friend says ^^.

  11. Gogo, very nice mini options menu, but Metal Slug 4 (previously worked on last build/8262005) and Last Blade 2 crash the emu during the decrytping and.. the loadup blue bar screen. it gets up halfway and sits there for about 1-2 minutes and doesnt do anything. Can you test? or did you change the rom set. I am using the 3MB default.xbe of your latest release. I went back to the old build (8262005), and Metal Slug 4 and Last Blade 2 loaded up properly.



    I'll see what's happpening, I had last blade 2 crashing, I thought it was because of the debug mode :).

  12. the kiosk mode in mameox128 plus made it perfect for me...no one can alter it now.  I changed the skin to just show 1 button at the top that says "Press "A" button to start" and on my control panel there is a "select game" button so its pretty self explanitory now. 


    Thank you HK$


    As most people do I use FBAxxx for my CPS1,2,neogeo emulation...it would be awesome to lock down FBAxxx the same way.  As gogo said "FBAxxx is done." I believe this also...it is perfect...al I want to see is a feature so no one can mess with the settings.  Djohng or +T+ can you do this or is it something only gogo could do?  Also I am on gogo's sets as I never felt the need to go Pro...didnt seem right to have AES versions on a MVS-2 arcade machine...And I never took the time to pull those roms out...Gogo's sets 08/26/05 (last.dats) have been great for  my setup.  His custom Coin button and No L\R trig features in this version are vital to me..would I need to go with pro sets if you implemented kiosk mode?


    Am I a hardcore FBAxxx Mameox128 plus fan? Yes. <_<


    There will be an update to original FBAxxx :

    - I added a perfect 60fps in PAL mode (there is an option in the D3d for xbox actually)

    - I need to check for a sound bug, apparently I did something wrong somewhere, most ppl don't hear it, but there seems to be a problem

    - And of course include this kiosk mode


    As for the skin problem, it is not a problem as the X button displayed use xbfont so it is nothing related with the skin.

  13. Maybe an special ARCADE STICK profile would be the best option to implement so everybodoy could choose between normal controller and arcade stick / arcade cabinet considered fully digital control  :unsure:


    There is already an option for xarcade, but the problem is that some ppl, don't have the L & R buttons, other ones black and white and others back button, so how could you mess with that?

    Do a special version for 2 ppl?

    Isn't the goal of a console version not to mess with these problems and have only a standard configuration?


    Also for the autoboot, I ll maybe implant it one day, I just didn't want to add this option to prevent the emu from being sold as a game (for example, you could say that it is a port of kof96 or something else).

  14. The packed xbe seems to be sometimes a little faster and more optimised, but the main reason is that fbaxxx vmm (neogeo games) seems to crash on some xboxs, but when packed, it seems to be fine, so it s up to ppl to test.


    As for the 270° rotation, you need only to edit CPanel::SetRenderVariables in panel.cpp.

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