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  1. yeah solidus, i did do 100 posts that day, but listen, were they 'spam' posts, or were they posts that were acceptable to each post? I replyed to a lot of posts in one day, and each post wasnt a random "asjhsadadsjjh" just to get X amounts of posting credit. These posts were communicating and helping other members. I also commented on stuff they said and agreed with what they posted. Im not here to spam people or to tick you guys off. Im here because I love the past and I love emulation and playing old games. You are having a hard time of understanding this since you took my rights to the rom sector away, and I apologize for accedently bringing up about 10 old posts from the past. But i vowed not to do this again, and I learned from the past of what the consequences were. IN FACT I didnt even know that the posts were being brought up to the main forum, or I wouldn't have never EVER thought of doing it in the first place. I hope that you understand my meaning and well being of what I mean't to do.





  2. yeah id have to say, i only finish certain games... and RE 2 is one of them. It was such a great game for n64 when it came out. Scared the crap out of me. It was the best RE ive played so far. DC is alright, but I like RE2 the best.

  3. look im sorry. I didnt mean to shoot 'spam' i mean shooting spam is the act of getting 100s of emails a day (happens to us all) which tell you how to get your censor enlarged by a couple feet. Anyway, i didnt realize that i was replying to messages that were a month old and if i did i wouldnt have done it in the first place. Not only that I espically didnt know that they were returned to the top of the forum. I didnt mean to disrupt your forum and again, i apologize for that. Im sorry, i was just trying to help and reply to messages accordingly.

  4. To 1emulation members:


    I have just joined this forum today: June 29, 2003. Between the time I joined, which was about 10:00am and 1:00pm est, I have posted over 100 messages. This may seem a lot and it is. The worst part of this involves the Current Affairs forum. I accidently went replay crazy and replyed to most of the messages that were months old. I did not realize that the messages would be brought back up to the top of the forum once replyed to. If I did know this I wouldn't have done this and called the inconvience upon this forum. I apologize to the problems that this has brought upon the ops here and members of the 1emulation. I thank GameCop for being lenient toward me. I hope you do not get the wrong impression of how I operate as a member. I will not do this again, and I plan to help the forum out by replying to recent messages ONLY. With this said, I hope you can all forgive the actions I have made, I apologize to everyone, and I thank GameCop for being a good OP by setting me straight with this matter.


    Again my condolences,



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