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    ARCADE 0.177

    @alzabo: Megaman Francise I know -> like a flea in a sea! 1000 game franchises have their maskot/game on arcade! Please don't start an discussion, i don't like it! DOES NOT FIT -> My oppinion!
  2. mothra666

    ARCADE 0.177

    Thanks, but complex icons turn into a coloured unfocused blob.Or did you mean this to be used as the default bitmap, or maybe the splash screen? If so, it should be a .bmp rather than .ico You asked for it: https://mega.nz/#!OQoESTwb!HrauUkUKmjDt4R1rwYnhEYpD3W7PVOUBpio8ajJ5Opo Artwork pack for Robert!
  3. mothra666

    ARCADE 0.177

    Icon for Robert (Arcade 32/64) https://mega.nz/#!7UYwlajb!fIyfawq092_lQAXnExm9yEKO7WYfi5ez8uWWx9Stspo
  4. mothra666

    ARCADE 0.177

    Hello Robert! Thanks for continuing the project! You released BINARY files - but if there are changes in GLS Shader and other folders ... we grab it from Mame32/mame?! I hope you upload the complete package! with changed/updated files in their folder! Important Folders: ------------------------------ ARTWORK Folder: If there are new Scanlines. BGFX & HLSL Folder: If there are updates/changes DOCS Folder: With your Readme and your Version changes! M1 Folder: Updated M1 Player SHADERS Folder: Updated God thanks "Megaman" is out of business in your version...really really glad! Could'nt see the MameUIFX Popup-Screen anymore! Nothing to do with arcade this megaman b*tch.
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