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    Hello to the old gang! :-D


    I registered with my old nickname "Warlock", that some of you might remember.


    A few years after my hobby with the old "Emulation Status" arcade database, and some small work with RAINE and MAME (I coded some steering wheels, pedals and machine-guns controls for Sega and Taito games), I got interested in writing film reviews (nothing professional, just some comments between fellow film lovers), and one cinema area that I love is soviet era productons.


    The reason I felt an urge to re-register in this new RAINE Forum, is to share a 1985 Belarus soviet animated film, about american arcade games.


    A) First of all here is my musical trailer, on my You Tube channel:




    B ) Secondly, the complete short animated film on You Tube (no subtitles needed, because it's a wordless animation):



    C) And my portuguese film review, with 4 video-montages of video-games as they came about in the future (after predicted in this 1985 soviet film), the first one being Afterburner in 1987, besides my famous screesnhots (I was known in the emulation communiity around the year 2000, for making lots of screenshots :king: ):




    I thought you guys might like this, because aparently I went nuts about this short animation, due to video-games related reasons, that are not quite understood for the other "regular" fans of eastern europe cinema. :grin:



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