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Status Updates posted by Ghostie_teg

  1. Mmmm rum and cola. Delicious. <3~ Lovely way to ring in being old. :D

    1. Alpha


      You don't seem that old to me! Quite youthful actually... and interesting concoction, indeed!

    2. veristic


      Ah, rum is my favorite spirit of choice. Did you know, the oldest rum distillery dates back to 1703, making rum older than whiskey? When I find a job ... I plan to procure myself a nice bottle of 21-year-old rum from a 260-year-old distillery in Jamaica. Cheers! :)

    3. gamez fan

      gamez fan

      Hmmm where im from Buckfast is a popular tipple plus there's a wee rhyme for it as well Buckfast makes ya Fuck Fast ;)

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