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  1. Hey,
    since I also wanted to use DS2Key on OSX I did some research and end up with nothing.
    So I wrote a DS2Key OSX Server.
    It does not support the touchscreen and his very limited, so you can only use it to emulate keystrokes
    (thus using it as gamepad on emulators).

    If anyone is interested, just let me know, I'll public the binaries with some instructions.

    At the moment you can find the source on github:
    DS2Key Server

    Is working fine with the latest DS2Key client (SVN r52)

    On my US-Layout keyboard the key binding is:

    "KEY_UP" UP
    "KEY_L" x
    "KEY_R" d
    "KEY_A" -
    "KEY_B" =
    "KEY_X" z
    "KEY_Y" q
    "KEY_START" /
    "KEY_SELECT" b
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