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  1. The problem with huc6280 and the varying speed of music in darkseal etc has been fixed by Mamedev, so I will remove our hack.

    If it turns out that they got it wrong, the hack can easily be added back.

  2. By the way, if anyone's reading this who was directed here from Reddit by MameHaze, take note that all the slander and lies he makes up is all fake news.

    The fact is he's not even a Mamedev, and he's jealous about that. He delights in making up stories and denigrating all our little team does, because he can't.

    He's been working on emulating some Chinese toy for the last 6 months, and nobody cares, and it burns him up. He has to hit out blindly with whatever he can say.

    If you're curious about ARCADE64 - try it out, and determine for yourself whether it is suitable to your needs. If you have questions, ask here - not there.

  3. You can make the build called ARCADE PLUS if you wish.

    However, I am short of time as it is, so I cannot join you in your venture. You will have to do all the work yourself, unless you can find someone else.

    Also, I was disappointed to see you bashing HBMAME on your facebook several months back. Where was the respect then?


  4. That's weird - and I've never changed that file, or even looked in it.

    It's no problem to make it to be the same as Mame's.

    Thanks for investigating - I would never have uncovered that.

  5. The removal is done per source code. New sources get added by default, so it's quite likely there's new ones there, that shouldn't be there.

    So, in the game list, sort by Source, then see if all entries for a source are objectionable.

    List the unwanted sources here, and I'll do a final check and remove.

  6. It's possible 0.209 was where I started using 8.3 for 64-bit. This was needed because the G&W games in MameUI64 wouldn't work. Now, there's no problem that I could see with Seibu games in current MameUI64, so why does Arcade64 misbehave? I don't know.

  7. * Mame 0.213 [Multisystem] - https://mamedev.org/release.html

    * SDLMAME 0.213 [for Ubuntu] - http://sdlmame.lngn.net/

    * MAMEUI64 [for Windows] - http://www.mameui.info/

    * Cemu 1.15.13c [Wii-U] - http://cemu.info/

    * Decaf 1.0.2104 [Wii-U] - https://ci.appveyor.com/project/exjam/decaf-emu/build/artifacts?branch=master

    * Nintaco (2019-09-01) [NES] - https://nintaco.com/news.html

    * melonDS 0.8.3 [NDS] - http://melonds.kuribo64.net/downloads.php

    * Mednafen 1.23.0-UNSTABLE [Multisystem] - https://mednafen.github.io/releases/

    * Emu64 5.0.17 [Commodore64] - http://www.emu64-projekt.de/forum/index.php?page=Portal

    * Wine 4.0.2 [Windows emulator for Unix] - https://wiki.winehq.org/Download


  8. I get the same problem, but only on ARCADE64. 32-bit is ok, MAMEUI64 is ok, MAME is ok. I wonder if one or another of the hacks is causing a problem.

    I don't really know where to start looking (or have the time), so I'll wait to see if anyone else can figure it out.

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  9. * ARCADE32/64 0.213 - http://arcade.mameworld.info/

    * HBMAME 0.213 - http://hbmame.1emulation.com/

    * MESS/MESSUI/MAMEUI 0.213 - http://messui.1emulation.com/

    * Emu28 v133 [HP18C, HP28C] - https://hp.giesselink.com/emu28.htm

    * Hoxs64 [Commodore 64] - http://www.hoxs64.net/Default.aspx

    * Pantheon 8.794 [Multisystem] - http://bostjan-grandovec.si/Content/Download.htm

    * RPCS3 0.0.7 Alpha [PS3] - https://github.com/RPCS3/rpcs3/releases

    * Q-emuLator 3.2.2 [Sinclair QL] - http://www.terdina.net/ql/winql.html

  10. MESS, MESSUI and MAMEUI 0.213 are released.





    - I've included my collection of controller files. As I don't have a controller, it would be useful to get feedback of what works and what doesn't.


    Notes for 32-bit versions:

    - dc (Dreamcast) and clones - crash at start;

    - hapyfsh2, kof2002um, kof2002umj all crash at start because the roms are too big to fit in memory.



    What's new in HBMAME 0.213

    2019-08-28 0.213

    New Games
    - [bbugtest1]         Cinematic Ram Test Rom
    - [captcomms61]       Captain Commando (Elite Version 2019-05-13)
    - [captcomms62]       Captain Commando (Nightmare 2019-06-06)
    - [captcomms63]       Captain Commando (Shape Shifting Version 2019-05-05)
    - [captcomms64]       Captain Commando (Caller Mount Version 2019-08-02)
    - [dinos194]          Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (Fighting God Version 2019-06-12)
    - [dinos195]          Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (Purgatory 2019-04-21)
    - [dinos196]          Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (Majin Ranbu 2019-02-22)
    - [dinos197]          Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (Warlord Version 2019-05-30)
    - [dinos198]          Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (Warriors 2019-05-02)
    - [dinos199]          Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (1V3 Enhanced Version 2019 2019-08-02)
    - [dinos200]          Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (Devil dance Series A 2019-07-30)
    - [dinos201]          Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (Devil dance Series B 2019-07-30)
    - [kf2k5unis14]       Kof 10th Anniversary 2005 Unique (Optimized Version 2019 2019-06-05)
    - [kof2k2s83]         Kof2002 (All Mix Version 2018-04-22)
    - [kof97s146]         Kof'97 (Heavenly Divine 2019-03-25)
    - [kof98hh120]        Kof'98 (Combo 2019-07-09)(Original)
    - [kof98hh121]        Kof'98 (Combo 2019-07-09)(Simplify)
    - [kof98hh122]        Kof'98 (ECK 2019-07-25)
    - [kovpluss348]       Knights of Valour Plus (2012 Musou Edition 2019-04-15)
    - [mhavocpex2]        Major Havoc - The Promised End (v0.50)
    - [mslug4hh47]        Metal Slug 4 (Fully Decrypted [?] Version)
    - [nbajamtexxx]       NBA Jam Tournament Edition (XXX)
    - [sagaiav2]          Sagaia v2
    - [sfz2ns01]          Street Fighter Zero 2 (Crazy Edition 2019-04-10)
    - [tk2h140]           Tenchi wo Kurau II (Master Version 2019-05-06)
    - [tk2h141]           Tenchi wo Kurau II (Fighting Spirit 2019-05-06)
    - [tk2h142]           Tenchi wo Kurau II (Xu Wei Musou Edition 2019-08-14)
    - [tk2h143]           Tenchi wo Kurau II (Daren Fighting Edition 2019-08-02)
    - [tk2h144]           Tenchi wo Kurau II (Dragon Edition 2019-07-14)
    - [uccopsjs01]        Undercover Cops (Edition Enhanced 2019-07-22)
    - [warrior4j1]        Warrior (4 joysticks, version 1)
    - [warrior4j2]        Warrior (4 joysticks, version 2)



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  11. Since there was no answer on the sengoku2 problem, I investigated.

    Found it was caused by a hack in video\neogeo.cpp

    Removed this and changed everything back to standard Mame, and finally it works as it should.

    I will *NOT* be adding back any neogeo video hack code unless you can PROVE there's an issue. I cannot see anything wrong with Mame's standard rendering.


  12. Added back the slider saving. Strangely, the slider saving was working in MameUI, but the code had completely vanished from Arcade. Mystery. Anyway it's back and working.


    I didn't add the frame-delay thing, because I have no idea what it is or why it would be needed. When it comes to these video enhancements, I have no clue or interest.

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