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  1. @Antopisa: it's normal to say (unknown), that is the standard default from MAME when the github server is unreachable during compilation. It's always been like that. However I'll see if it's possible to change ARCADE64 somehow.

    @StHiryu: you are trying to add games which are not included with ARCADE64. You need to review your process.


  2. You're probably building it the wrong way. Firstly make sure you're not using gcc 10.2 - it doesn't work with winui.

    To build messui you'll need to look at my batch files which are included in the 'messui229s.zip' file, particularly makee.bat - you'll see that it uses a different .rc file, and some things are copied around. You need to do all the steps correctly before it will work.


  3. MESS, MESSUI and MAMEUI 0.229 are released.






    - Executable names drop the "64" suffix.

    - The hack that saved slider values on exit has been removed. This is because the slider code was refactored and the result was not compatible with the hack.

    - Fixed a problem with the pluginspath which could cause plugin errors in certain circumstances.

    - Fixed a problem where category files could not be found in certain win10 setups (MESS only)


  4. https://hbmame.1emulation.com


    What's new in HBMAME

    2021-02-24 0.229


    New Games
    - [cabalng]             Cabal (Neo-Geo port)
    - [mhavocpex6]          Major Havoc - The Promised End (v0.75)
    - [sfz3te]              Street Fighter Three Zero Training Edition v1.1
    - [ssonicbr]            SegaSonic Bros
    - [teotd2]              The Eye of Typhoon (Tsunami Edition, demo 2)


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  5. The decision was recently made that development should be done on the command-line versions, while game playing is done on the GUI versions. To that end, the Debug menu was removed from MESSUI, since debugging is a development thing. You should use MAME or MESS for development.

    Which brightness are you talking about? Skip system info works for me - it should cause the information about what CPU and so forth a game uses to be not displayed every time you run it.

    You haven't said what CPU or system you're debugging, so your questions about ISAR and so on are without a frame of reference. Whatever it is, the same issue would occur in MAME, so that question should be posted where the relevant developer can see it.

    I've never seen the CAPTCHA - maybe the server owner might like to comment.


  6. Sony PS2 is pretty much covered by PCSX2. It is supposed to be able to run most games.

    PS3 emulator is RPCS3. PS4 emulator is called Orbital. Vita - Vita3k, PSP - PPSSPP. I've never tried any of them, although I think PPSSPP probably works ok.

    Microsoft, there isn't really much progress with XBOX emulation.

    There's some new general emulators that I don't follow, these being Mister, and Retroarch.

    Retroarch isn't really an emulator, more a collection of other people's emulators, used without permission and without regard for licensing. Those in charge don't care and get quite aggressive when questioned. It's popular though because of the proliferation of low-powered handheld devices that are often used these days, such as Raspberry Pi and so on. They also ask for donations (which they get) then don't reveal what the money was used for. At least these are the things I hear - there might be more to it than I know.

    As you know MAME continues to exist. But, old age is setting in, and it is getting fat and slow. So, some people have been resurrecting old faster versions such as MAME2003 and other years, and adding the later games to enable them to run on today's handheld telephones. As usual, the licensing is being flouted, but the MAMEdevs just talk about it, because nobody can afford to sue.

    There was a ruckus with FB Alpha when the project lead sold out to some company. So the rest of the group deposed him and set up their own version called FB Neo. It's still around and runs well enough on old computers. FB Alpha is now dead.

    The number of rom sites continues to drop. This is mainly due to the actions of Nintendo America, who every so often go on a rampage targetting anyone who offers roms for their products online. Sony and Microsoft can be dangerous too, but not to the extent of Nintendo. Other companies either went bust or don't really seem to care so much.

    I think that covers most of it.

    More information (although I can't vouch for the accuracy) http://nonmame.retrogames.com/



  7. You really like shitty broken poker games, don't you.

    However, since this is a user-driven project, it has been added.

    For some reason the game starts with 500 credits.

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  8. Berzerk works for me on MAMEUI64 and on ARCADE64.

    You might have to delete berzerk.cfg, berzerk.ini (if it exists) and any nvram for the game.

  9. The history guys released a 0.228 dat file, so you can use that now.

    I've learned how to create a github action. So, every time that MAMEUI gets updated, github will (attempt to) build a new executable. It isn't symbol-stripped or anything, so the test build weighed in at a whopping 523MB. Because MAME is so FAT and BLOATED, sometimes the github server runs out of memory, so the build fails.

    I've also tried with ARCADE64, but it ran out of memory. Maybe it will work at another time.


  10. https://hbmame.1emulation.com

    What's new in HBMAME

    2021-01-27 0.228


    New Games
    - [endurorrc]           Enduro Racer (RetroClinic bootleg)
    - [ooparts]             Ooparts
    - [sf2mix96d]           Street Fighter II: Champion Edition (Mix 0.96d)
    - [sf2mix99]            Street Fighter II: Champion Edition (Mix 0.99)
    - [sf2mix99a]           Street Fighter II: Champion Edition (Mix 0.99a)
    - [sf2rbpr]             Street Fighter II': Champion Edition (Rainbow, bootleg, set 1, protection removed) by Rotwang
    - [troopyx]             Troopy (improved graphics)



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