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  1. It´s working right now. This 0.2 version works like a charm, very good FPS and not a single crash till now but one.


    Has anyone tried "Evolution" or "Skies of Arcadia" with this version?

    The SoA version I have by ECHELON just stop in the into :)


    and one more thing, what about the VMS? I have the "vms.bin" in the Chakast folder but it always says there is no VMS detected or no free space.


    Please help

  2. I just got a question guys, I have recently downloaded "Evolution_The_World_of_Sacred_Device_DC-KALISTO.rar"


    Now here comes the problem, this is the 3rd game I download that comes with several files, all ending in " *.001; *.002; *.003; *.004 and so on", one ending in *.sfv and one *.nfo.


    So what do I actually need to make out of these files a NRG, BIN or CDI?

    Any kind of Burn to CD or something??


    Please help! :(

  3. Hmmm, I said there were only minimal difference and those are in 1600x1200 with AF and AA cranked to the max.


    Without that, those 2 versions performe equally.


    You are right about the flashin, I heard that the new ASUS 9800 Pro comes with the R360 Core..

  4. No...


    You are talking about the card´s RAM. There is actually minimal difference between 128MB and 256MB


    The 128Bit version is worse compared to the 256Bit one.

    The 128Bit clocks are also lower. From what I´ve seen around the web, this 128Bit version is compared to a 9500 Pro!!


    Just go for the 256Bit and you won´t regret it, I´m sure

  5. I agree, the Radeon 9800 Pro is your best bet!

    However, don´t be fooled becuase there are two versions...

    A 128 Bit and the 256 Bit, being the last around 200-210$ and the first around 170$!


    The performance difference seems to be significant, so its your call

  6. Indeed, MOHAA is a master Piece.


    I highly recommend, however The Spearhead Expansion gets very slow on my P4 2000, Geforce 4 and 512 SDRAM :lol:



    What are the other expansions for MOH? I hear about Frontline but I haven´t seen nothing about it...

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