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Status Updates posted by Shoma

  1. It's been awhile! Too friggin while! Which reminds me... Who is that guy no Elazul's avatar? Can you believe I've always wanted to know but never asked?! SO weird! Ahh nice to be back.

    1. Bambi


      Welcome back!

  2. WHats a pack of wolves to a single legion? They strip away everything and slap on remedies for diseases that never existed. Watch em gyrate your dreams and flip your morals until your purpose is twisted!

  3. Should you love a heathen, if youre a saint? DO you struggle to play an emotional "kick the can" but your heart just cant?

  4. IF you're a saint, should you love a heathen?

  5. I always admired beauty, hoping it would do the same... But even though it did when it came to the mind behind the beauty there wasn't a dang thang.

  6. Is there anything new i can write that may catch you all interests? Im in lack of inspiration.

    1. Lucandrake



      Watch this and tell me what you feel.

    2. Shoma


      um...two things..

      "LOL" and "WTF?!"


    3. emsley


      write about people getting angry.

  7. I was just doing a review for 30 mins then my cpu crashes! Doesnt 1emu have some sort of autosave!??!?

    1. Agozer


      Not that I know of.

    2. ken_cinder


      That's why I always type long things out in Open Office first...then copy/paste.

  8. I suck at mind games which i hate dealing with most girls.

  9. *looks at 2007 Banner* Damn I miss Rival schools!

  10. *looks at 2007 Banner* Damn I miss Rival schools!

  11. WHAT?! 1EMU has status updates?!?!?

    1. Rag


      Rag has liked this.

    2. ken_cinder


      No...I think it's called "The Emsley Show"

  12. I AINT neva SCURD!

  13. Shoma

    Not sure if I can continue "Detective Inky" with that Sig...hmmmm

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