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  1. I mean I don't consider myself a saint I never hurt anybody or try to hurt anybody. I just can't believe that someone steals something never get caught by the police go on about life......and never get punished they never give a second thought about how the victim* feels how angry they are how hurt they are.



    Then I think does God let them get away with it I don't know anymore

  2. your right media does only cover what people get away with. Im just saying someone has to start... to make an example its not ok its not right and you will be punished for what you do.


    if cops start shooting people for petty crimes people won't do it anymore...simple


    but then again it all starts when there children but thats a whole other story

  3. I really don't....none at all . you shouldn't be stealing . Hell when people have stolen stuff from me if I were there I would have shot them too.

    I just couldn't help but think with my hard earned money someone is enjoying something that I bought.



    If only the USA was like Europe or something where people get their ass beat when they commit a crime

  4. I played the Heavenly Sword demo and its great and finally I got a nice flat screen TV HDMI man what a difference it makes in the graphics.....don't know how I played without it

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