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  1. Hey guys!


    Is there a way to get the music working on the Dooms?


    Also, I just checked all the GBA games in the newest XboyAdvance and they all seen to run very smooth. I wonder where the choppiness from within Coinops is coming from?





  2. Hey guys!


    Great release BP!


    Just a couple of questions;


    1. Is anybody else having slowdown issues with the GBA games? is there a way to fix this?


    2. If I DL the full (not ripped) versions of the PSX games would I have music along with Tekken, Ridge Racer, SF, etc?


    Thanks guys!



  3. I'd love for it to be an add-on release... as I already have the previous full release.


    This way people could download the old release AND the new add-on release for the NEW full release... or just update their old release with the added games.



  4. Hey Guys!


    Thought I'd share what I have so far and invite others to help finish this bad boy off so BP can get these working for us.


    I've done the first 35 or so and color coded them like this:


    Green = Good to go

    Yellow = Some problems

    Red = Major Problems


    N64_Games Compatability List


    I've enabled sharing on this file so we can all change and edit as necessary. I'll be the moderator of this file but feel free to join in and help where you can!



  5. Hey BP!


    Almost have the first round of Must Have N64 games tested and shipped off to you for fixing. Look for it in the next few days.


    Also, as I was messing around with CoinOPS I thought of a couple features that might be cool:


    1. A sorting option that shows recently added games


    2. A screen saver that actually runs games randomly (or maybe only from the Favorites list) for a few minutes, exits, and then loads another... obviously only the demo modes would play, but I think that's pretty cool. I saw this feature on GameEx that I used to use for my PC. It was a nice feature to have.



  6. Cool, I'll get started on the N64 list for us... and then shoot the list with fixes needed over to you in a couple of weeks. I'll start with the major hitters (Zelda, Mario, etc...)


    Anybody want to help tackle this with me? if you do, just PM me and i'll send you the format I'm using so we can have some cohesiveness for BP when he goes in and does his magic.


    On a different note, I'm sure there's an easy way of doing this but what's the controller config for the Commodore 64? I can't seem to find where Run Stop/Restore is mapped to...



  7. Cool! Gotta love Killer Instinct... (especially at full speed!)


    I don't have any coding skills but I do have the patience to test games to see if they're working... I could compile a list of games that need to be tweaked, what's wrong with them, and then ship it off to someone who knows what they're doing code wise...


    I'm thinking of starting with N64, then the smaller consoles, then onto PSX...



  8. Yup, I'm with the guys above... GamesROOM and then tackling individual games as they come up. A lot of games work out of the box (I'm thinking of N64 right now), but some need a bit of tweaking (Zelda's menus, Banjo Tooie doesn't load, etc...) but I think we can all wait :)


    What you've created here is awesome and I'm willing to help any way I can! As I'm sure other will too!


    Thanks for all your hard work and your continued perseverance in creating the ultimate all-in-one center!



  9. Hey BP!


    Excellent job on the newest release!


    I have a few questions though:


    1. Is there a way to speed up the GBA emulation or is this due to the xbox hardware? Games like Advance Wars have some pretty significant slowdown...


    2. I think it might be cool to have the game title on the screen while the Screen Shot screensaver is running... I'm watching it now and wondering what game I just saw :D


    3. I know I've said this before, but I'd really like to have SMB support for movies and console games... not sure how hard this would be... for those stuck with a stock HDD this would be a Godsend!


    4. Again... AWESOME job dude! Thanks for all your hard work. I appreciate it SO much!



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