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  1. I have an issue with CoinOPS. The in-game menu is assigned to BACK+WHITE. The problem is that a bios known as "ind-bios" has this button combination assigned to shutdown the Xbox and it can't be disabled, my Xbox TSOP is flashed with this bios so can you provide an alternative button combo to access the ingame menu such as BACK+PRESS LEFT THUMBSTICK or BACK+Y?

  2. OK ive decided to put back in alot of video settings and complete redo the GUI for 720p cause it look so fantastic now with some of the filters as you can really see what they are doing in Hi Def and also the fonts etc on the skin can look so much better in HD


    Finally! :naughty:

  3. Excellent!


    720p support is great as it means better and smoother motion, colours and clarity for TVs that are HD.


    I know the difference it makes in FBA-XXX from 480p to 720p and let me tell you, its great! :D

  4. all info supplied looks correct.... cheers Gavin ive taged BETA now to the Build and will rebrand the next one. Id truely recommend its released properly as the next one the stanalone and full will be diff slightly


    You should nominate 2 or 3 trustworthy people to spread your releases like gavin19 and RastanX.

  5. there is also quite a few ones removed due to issues and changed....... so if you want the correct set thats what I posted all the rest have many issues but are resonsable acurate I was anal on the last build to check and check again every game its a pitty it was never released properly :thumbsup1:


    There's always next time :thumbsup1:

  6. no idea about MD5 as Ive siad 1million 100 and 52 times you guys release it.... my build is diff.


    no one answer the questions that I asked about the bit whatever version id say its full of errors Rastans version was spot on and all the others had the stanalone...gaven handed out a spot on standalone as well




    I got the standalone release that Rastan posted here a week or so ago and also the release at Bitgamer and I can confirm they are exactly the same.

  7. What is GOING ON here?

    Is the actual so famous and hunted STAND-ALONE a "rolled back" BETA?

    Is it the FINAL FINAL build or not?

    If so, I will kill my share because I am SPREADING the WORD

    as a FINAL FULL COMPLETE LAST release.


    Someone is toying us...


    BP please, give us a final word on the actual 120MB file.

    Final build or a "rolled BACK" beta version?




    Yeah, seriously. I've been waiting so long for this and hope it ain't a half-baked BETA with BP holding back on the proper full complete final version :)

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