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  1. lol, yeah probably should've edited my second post.


    Chrome seemed to stop loading mid post, that's why I doubled


    btw, thanks to Fumanchu, I got mslug5 working.

  2. Fail, double post :D

    Fu posted while I was still in the middle of writing my reply. I didn't know till after I'd hit the add reply button.


    What are you on about? ;)


    Cheers guys, will do some more digging. I did try ROMcenter and is was missing like 10 or so files :|


    EDIT: Can anyone tell me the correct size of the ROM for mlslug5? If it's the same then I could be potentially DLing the same file over and over again :(

  3. I just recently put COIR5 on my Box. But I can't run mslug5, get a bunch of missing files.


    MslugX runs fine on the Xbox and mslug5 rom runs fine under the latest MAME on my computer.


    It's like 79MB, is there another release I'm unaware of?





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