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  1. I voted no. I believe you can rebuild a new project.You can always do, emulation seems to be a topic that can survive any fashion.

    I tend to believe that today your forum has too many sections and is too generalist. Maybe a balanced site with news and discussions about a specific theme would do it. For instance, focusing on the Android & iOS platform and handhelds/tablets could attract more people, this being a strong trend these days.

    Also a download section always bring people though it doesn't add much discussions, as I've noticed for our forum.

  2. the guy only wanted to know when coinops 5 was due out i guess he wont ask again :-)



    alexis524 wrote:

    Removed as troll ing B P





    i meant no harm in my post, honest. icon_e_sad.gif


    i can asure you, i'm no troll ( i have neither the time or immaturity), just an appreciative fan is all. My sincere apologies. if there is anything i can do to help the project along, please pm me as i'm more than willing.


    Wow. I don't know if I must laugh or pity when I see such behaviors. It looks like some people don't have enough pride or self-esteem.I don't know.


    So these new games in Con-oops S. are only hacks ? That's what I smelt.


    In definitive end-users will get a pale copy of the current FBL skin. With the previous version you earned the possibility to change the background picture.

    Well, I appreciate the effort. Things are evolving. Slowly but surely. :-D

  3. have you noticed how bleak and depressing that site looks compared to most i mean its totally devoid of any colour except for red alotta red on that site

    dont know about you guys but i always associate the colour red with danger :-)


    LOL, actually there is a 'Color' button at top right, it changes the text colour. But yeah it kinda looks depressing whatever is chosen.


    BTW great to see waal back at 1emu hope to see more old faces return


    Welcome back Waal... in case you're worried about moderation, that is up to +T+ now... I won't do anything.


    And lastly, there wasn't any objection to allowing emuxtras, so as of now you can mention it, and link to it, but make sure there's no links to roms in the threads you link to. Also, it's a good idea to make sure that guests can read the threads. :-)


    Thanks for your welcome and I'm not worried at all. In the contrary as I can see you're all having fun in this place these days hehe. :wink:

    And I'll make sure to post some news here about the projects we're cooking as well.


  4. Indeed, the controller is a problem.


    And Kega Fusion is the only emulator that supports Sega Pico on windows I know but it's closed source. Then there's always Pico Drive on other platforms...

  5. It's only a 'preview' release and works quite well for some of the games I've tried. Who knows what it will be capable of in 5 years :)


    Here's a compatibilty list of what's working so far - MAME_PS3 comapatilbility


    Sorry MMQ, erm.. thanks to all the devs who contributed to CoinOPS and those who brought it down ;)


    Bigby, you forgot to give credit to Robo Hobo for the port. This is very important, someone else could claim to have done that in six years. :D




    Thanks for the clarification about GPL and xbox dev, +T+

  6. its all ready in R2 :) you just dont know how to enable hehehehe get over it....you guys talk such shit


    Oh you're still here ?


    And still a staff member ?


    There's people trying to discuss, here. And this GPL aspect of ScummVM particularly interests me. So please, don't lead this topic into usual schoolyard fighting again. Thanks.

  7. Really, Waal?


    Bow out gracefully, there is Amiga to consider....

    ...and much more. ;-)


    Though I can't stop laughing seing the evolution of that great man and so the decline of (t)his forum section. Forgive me Phil but all this is so sweet after all this defaming and bullshit...


    But this forum was so interesting long before...



    waal go fuck your self this forum is nothing without BP and coinops SO YES I SAY IT AGAIN GO FUCK UR SELF

    Unlike you, you pitiful ass-licker, I wasn't expecting anything from this lame forum section. Mwahaha.



    OK enough then. I have to say good bye as well. That was fun. Thanks.

  8. It's ok my friend. Everybody can join now. China has just registered by the way.




    I'm too lazy to read "Error404's" latest post. Let me know if you find something funny. Thanks in advance.

  9. Gamecop is more supportive than you think....but he only comes on every few months ;-)...you will be pleased to know though if I see him ill ask to get my account removed...the same as xbox scene...I did the same warning there and saw it go the way I knew it would....fuck all happens and its just all talk....and no one really comes for anthing cause there is nothing but talk...over the last 6 months it was surreal and to me HD in that was an hour at most job...maybe an hour or so to bug fix it.....

    It's evident he doesn't care anymore. If he had come more often he would have most likely changed his mind about the responsibility he has given you. You have made a forum a platform for your bitterness. You have been so lucky though. That's all.

    And you give yourself such an importance... LOL

    Your account is still there at Xbox-Scene and it's a good thing because we can see how you behave since this (too) long time, there are tracks from you at least from 2005...

    There are still topics covered at XS and people can be informed there, exchange and help each other. Same as on *snip*. Actually, this current xbox section is the only place dedicated to the "cult" of such a moron like you.

    The reality is very different than your claims. Surreal64 is still evolving, Madmab is still adding features to the original Xport emus, candies are still made available etc. And the community is happy with these releases, hence your obsession to want to catch up with already done (720P, pixel perfect, filters and so on...) even if they are truly necessary features.

    A community that can live without your raving though we all appreciate CoinOPS. Something you never have been able to understand. It's about your behavior and "policies" (credits, locks and so on...). But no need to develop further... No one is buying your bullshit. Even newcomers can realize that very quickly.


    anyways it doesnt matter you are a wanker +t+ and now you guys can live with bad support and no real dev.....the people ive seen that say they can do stuff cant do the simplest things...also people can send out the new console cores and new midway core...and if they want the dvd player core


    A pity you are reduced to insult your interlocutor just because you are out of arguments. Though you had some. And again, you give yourself too much importance. Nothing new here, new console cores and DVD player... LOL. New midway core... Yeah why not. But just release this and shut up then people will be free to judge...

    Thankfully, there are still coders active on the scene. Just for once, consider the many emus and home-brews that were released the last 12 months...


    New blog will start soon...but its only for dev really and not for other stuff...its will be tiny with just people that want new CoinOPS stuff and for it to move forward...all other stuff is no interest to me.....


    Now this is maybe the only good idea you had since a very long time. Making yourself a tribune. No more excuses to not respond to requests for assistance and feedback from your users. It is obvious that you've always hated this. Despite your twisted answers amused us so much.


    enjoy ill request this stuff is killed now.....best of luck...Ive seen the results of the others threads...so id say like all other places they go it will pretty much die and nothing of any interest will really come out anyways....and if it does it will take forewver to do simple things.....


    You're no stranger to the aridity of this section. By far.


    But I want to thank you personally in the name of a lot of people for all the laughs you've caused.


    It's the only thing that will be missed since we will always be able to enjoy new versions of CoinOPS.

  10. OK I warned you guys ;-) .....you have constantly wish to hurt people now you have succeeded as this isnt fun as a hobby....you can and are a part of the blame.....its you guys that miss out and I will continue my hobby....

    speak out all you like you guys will fail to anything of any use anyways.....I do honestly feel sorry for everyone because of wankers like yourself and others...and I do think you cant do anything of any quality id ever use.....


    OK guys im gone for good....ill get this threads removed soon......you guys are missing out on alot of new games and features because of a few fuckwits that make this no fun...................


    anyone with releases of stuff ive done are free to release it...the new Final burn games...the new mame games...the new features...the new N64 core its all good you guys can get it in a shit form and buggy as shit....like other people builds.....hand out what ever you want releases....


    A new place might go up that can be controlled....new release will have details of new site....till then best of luck guys....your in the hands of people that are out of touch and extremely annoying....they pushed and pushed and pushed for this and they are doing you a favor missing out on new games and new features....well thank them for there help......

    Good riddance, then.


    ...and good luck for your new website launch.


    I hope it won't be the forum where others projects and authors are permanently defamed like you, as a staff member, have turned this xbox section in since years whatever your interlocutors. I suppose then the current 1emu staff will be relieved by your depart.


    I also hope newcomers will be respected as well this time. That wasn't really the case before just because of you again.


    Well BP, maybe you'll see then how much it can be difficult to start a new community. To maintain it, to add features, to offer more comfort for the users you usually despise, to animate it , to support people with all the patience and tolerance they need, to moderate people so they can compromise so any point of view can be peacefully expressed etc...

    I hope you'll also find all the necessary human qualities in your partners because, frankly, given your personality, this project could be a really bad start.

    And who knows ? Perhaps you'll be able to build bridges to other sites and projects.


    Yeah good luck, BP.

  11. torrent.



    torrents are so slow, 5 days and got nothing more than 12 %

    What !? I read there were thousaaaands of downloads... This must be the ravages of rampant misinformation that we hear about often here...

  12. attached CoinOPS soften filter to consoles

    attached CoinOPS 10x11 pixel ratio to consoles

    attached CoinOPS antialising to consoles


    made it easy to boot with no roms


    opps sorry wrong thread ;-) out I was just letting you know above is redone code wise to insert into the final burn core as well as the coinops core

    These features in bold were already available in the XPort emus you've included to your patchwork. Something anyone can use since years. Looks like you lost them meanwhile. But I'm happy you repaired this omission. LOL.


    For your entertainment and therefore help you get out of this present widespread melancholy, the team informs you that the following topics are discussed today in the emuxtras.net forum:


    - Spectrum Xtras

    - xxxxxxx Beta Testing for (v3b153.03)

    - DOSXbox Compatibility THREAD... not technically a list

    - problems formating new 2tb hdd

    - C64 Xtras

    - weird xboyadvance bug with rom names.

    - New set of HD dynamic skins for madmab emus(28 emus covered)

    - PSP hacking - is it worth it?

    - My DOSBox packages for PS3

    - fbl... street fighter 1

    - 1080i/720p/480p Problem

    - FBANext

    - Amiga Xtras Starter Kit ?

    - xxxxxxx X (experimental sound) beta


    And much more...


    We also have a fascinating survey about the 16/32-bit computers of the 80s. Guaranteed without a single vote faking even if it's normal for the Amiga to prevail again.


    Emuxtras.net: We make the systems that others don't dare !


    Enjoy the day ;-)



  14. LOL.


    All the time you spend writing these boring messages, BP ...


    If only you wrote that text from the beginning... Well, there would still be your bullshiting but at least it would ease your burden...


    But let's spare some time without answering your allegations about the xtras. People know where to find them... and they are always free to ask anything when needed.

  15. No matter, i just wanted to say that u'r a bit rude agains BP while he is traying to satisfy us :S


    C'est juste un peu relou, vous lui prenez la tete et a force il va peter les plombs et arreter son projet !!


    Bref g v aller troller dans le forum des Xtras !!!


    Il n'arrêteras pas son projet et crois-le ou pas, ce n'est pas le but recherché. Ce type chie sur tout le monde et cela depuis des années, en plus de piquer le travail des autres. Je ne sais pas depuis combien de temps tu suis l'actu sur la scene xbox mais je peux te dire que son dossier est très lourd. Des gens ont même du arrêter le dev tellement il les a écoeuré... Des gens qui te permettent de jouer à la SNES par exemple. Encore désolé mais on ne supporte plus cette langue de pute...


    J'espère toutefois que tu trouveras ton bonheur sur le forum des xtras.

  16. final words for you guys you win the battle of words im tiring of it....work continues ......you win...you dont stop anything dev wise.....but you win the battle of words congradulations


    it doesnt hurt me....or my friends only you guys and inocent people.....


    Im sorry for this, and im sorry for haze........good luck as others told you your very offensive from people far greater than me..... :lol:

    It's evident you are indeed affected. Your silliness is constantly exposed and don't worry I'll always make sure it will.


    Best for you to continue your dev though. Please do. I don't mind, really.


    Oh and I've been reading about Haze. You're really presumptuous to compare yourself to someone so talented and constructive. You should instead follow his example as I seriously doubt he acted like you do.

  17. I remember you. We already had this conversation with you on our forum. I'm sad to see you didn't change your mind...


    It wasn't me Waal, so that make, at least 2 person thinking like me :lol:


    Btw i like your work on xbox too, you and Xtra team makes great things for the xbox community. The fact is your attitude against BP becomming a bit annoying, every day the same things. If you had trouble with BP in the Past, i can understand it, but it's maybe time to turn the page. I don't know if i'm right or wrong about your past, but please it's getting really annoying to read/see every day that little war !!


    And a little thing again, we are not idiot or what ever you want, just because we don't think like you, or we didn't do what you want. Bp has his vision of CoinOps in mind, and he is really clever to ask us what we wanted too into CoinOps according to his vision, just to make people happy...


    Thats my point of view.


    Sparda, the 1st part of Jealousy is Anger the 2nd is Ironic, i'm waiting for your 3rd part !

    Ok no worry. Please don't think I have something against you or I want you to do things the way I want or I want you to dissuade using the software you currently use. That really isn't the case. You can easily verify that by visiting our place: regularly users are welcomed and support is given when needed whatever the other guy thinks of that.


    I understand that this is a bit annoying but then maybe you people shouldn't encourage such an idiot or at least encourage him to focus on his work and only his work... I'm tired as well of seing our projects constantly being defamed and only seing one or two persons react against this...


    90% of the time that clown generates laughter and then there are the 10% that are irritating because he crosses the lines on rules that have always existed on the scene like crediting original authors and being fair with other teams and people... Please think that without these rules you wouldn't benefit of any software today...


    So my position is that you can't allow someone to behave like that even if he brings good stuff...


    But whatever. Enjoy.

  18. ....just on xboxiso there was over 6000 downloads of the last build and climbing across muliple builds...and this hasnt dropped for years on each new release........... search for CoinOPS and look on that one site the results....

    each page refresh on that pages actually boost the "downloads" number, every time even without any download.


    apology to break this news but you have been misinformed of your trending and owns going on!




  19. Why persist with such a moron ?


    xboxisozone... LOL The only reference he's got left as none of the other xbox related sites wants him anymore. Visit the site, take a look at the downloads available, read the forums, learn about the conditions to get the files... There's still Kawa X available there yum yum... Then just try to find any recent xbox release you usually get...

    Whatever... I have nothing against this. It's just a different offer and a different audience apparently...


    I'm also glad to see 30% of the (small) audience voted for credits in CoinOPS considering all the misdirection and babbling that guy produces... I'm amused too when I see only 38 persons have actually voted...


    But all of this is pointless. There's only BP himself here to care about what he calls statistics and to take it seriously despite his weak analysis faculties. Normal sceners care about their hobby, about sharing, helping, producing (anything they want, including the icons or screenshot packs he regularly mocks).


    This is the only place where things are going differently. Welcome to bizarro world. Welcome to BP's world.


    Now about that shit:

    OK locking this down as well...this stuff is boring now....the thread that was locked was the one you kept spamming with waal...the request for next release thread...now your spamming this one so im locking it down



    as I say you hurt normal people....you claim inocence but ive seen 5 people say they have a problem with you sparda and some of them are the most respected....they wont say this to you again just behind closed doors...do you really think waal is respected???

    make you mind up yourself to me things are obvious and dont need explaining if they do then im not your man and nor are the others....I know people are sorry you joined here its up to you to change that not me or anyone else as you said we dont control you....

    waal is the only person in 6 plus years to ever get banned for a time....the only one and you alot of the time sound much like him..then try and sound nice on the next line....that is wierd at least waal is constantly an idot


    private forum is where stuff is happening this week for release


    Notice how he takes care to lock after he spilled his venom. This is an example of a very brave boy.



    Then more shit and again a daring lock :


    all of newbes fuckin the scene lately... some new driver stuff is being worked on...and a few cleanups....


    anyone know of a dev site....thats protected from people like here? PM me....if not I may open up the private site soon for dev


    its clear like mame a few people with no knoweldge want to spoil it for everyone.....work goes on regardless as it allways does....


    PS xtras made something that thanks the people that did screenshot packs and videos like rx....it doesnt do the people that orig made the emu or the xtras....

    eg xtras where made by emumovies people...then myself and one other grabbed them and converted them...they where handed to rx...then he renamed them....he now gets the credit for renaming....and they want me to do such behavour to me its a joke....I can rename a file in 5 secs but I cant create it let alone convert it in that time...the credit going to people that add a screenshot pack this is sad to me....and ill never ever work like that....I know some of the people that work behind the scenes and they are the ones that deserve this credit...screenshot packs can be got from 100s of places created from people who know little to nothing....its all good work but to thank them over the real talent is sad to me....


    anyways....new release is out next weekend....more info soon...ill note proper stuff


    And this is the kind of informations you lucky guys get in his own development thread. Fascinating. I'm sure these bring you a lot.


    But hey, in addition Her Queen isn't happy with the current place despite she's part of the staff. Leave BP alone, eh !


    I let the people discover Emuxtras.net if they haven't before and they'll judge of our work and of our people by themselves then.


    These are typical examples, just like this almost two years thread, of BritneysPairs of 1emu speeches. He can't help it. We sometimes let him talk this way for a while then sometimes one of us has to say something, i've been silent (silenced but not by him...) for months myself, seing the heavy loads of bullshit he delivers...


    But the most important reason of why he gets answers is... that he's a weirdo so he's very funny. A good point for him.

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