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  1. Daemon Tools has no problem with mixed mode images whatsoever. It's programs requiring direct access to the disc to read CDDA tracks as proper audio tracks that have a problem when they aren't on a physical medium that can be translated directly by Windows itself.


    On XP, you need a set of ASPI drivers installed for this to be possible. I've yet to play a Sega CD, Playstation or PCE-CD game that this isn't a problem with, if ASPI drivers are not installed.


    Install this, and it should fix the problem.






    I've installed that file as you said, but now when I load the game via Daemon, Once it get to the title screen where the background track plays (I actually see the loading bar load, but just as the music normally plays, It crashes. I changed settings in ePSXe so it will load ASPI from CDROM but still the same. Its not just a program crash, its a whole PC crash, I get a blue screen with white font giving me a big error and my PC just restarts.

  2. Let me reiterate: What I meant by same folder is the folder on your HDD that has the disc image and the CUE file, NOT inside the disc image where the game's data is.




    You have a folder named "Tomb Raider" and it's contents are.










    contents of the CUE would be something like


    FILE "tr.iso" BINARY
     TRACK 01 MODE1/2048
      INDEX 01 00:00:00
      POSTGAP 00:02:00
    FILE "track01.wav" WAVE
    PREGAP 00:02:00
    INDEX 01 00:00:00
    FILE "track02.wav" WAVE
    INDEX 01 00:00:00



    Hi. I'm sorry. Im not very computer literate, Well, I am but not 100%


    I have a folder called Tomb Raider Playstation. Inside that folder, There are a bunch of bin and cue files which are all my Tomb Raider games which i load in ePSXe.


    Do I need to paste the audio tracks into this folder or what? Im so sorry Im not understanding xD


    I just opened TOMB2JP.cue in notepad and I thought I'll copy some of its contents



    TRACK 01 MODE2/2352

    INDEX 01 00:00:00


    INDEX 01 23:22:31


    INDEX 01 24:49:65


    INDEX 01 26:46:14


    INDEX 01 29:03:74


    INDEX 01 29:14:05


    The file then continues from there all the way up to Track 61 AUDIO.

  3. The only way I know that Daemon Tools is able to work with Mixed Mode disc images is that you need to mount the image information file (be that CUE, CCD, etc) that has the necessary info on the data track as well as the audio tracks.


    This means that the disc image and the redbook audio tracks have to be in the same folder and the audio tracks have to be dumped as WAVs.


    Hi. Thanks for the reply :)


    Im still a little confused. I tried what you did. I opened the image in UltraISO, Extracted all the music as WAV's, I then imported all those WAV files into the main folder (Which contains DATA folder, slus..file and system file etc.. but there still seems to be no difference. Actually now, Not even the ingame FMV sound plays, but the game SFX still does.


    Unless Im doing something wrong.

  4. Hi there everyone. I've just had a browse around and it seems to be a nice big friendly forum :P


    Anywho. I'm a BIG Tomb Raider fan, they are the only games I ever play.


    I recently bought Tomb Raider and Tomb Raider II again because my disks were scratched so I needed new ones. So I decided to try out ePSXe so I dont have to really ever touch the disks again.


    Well, they both run really well, no framerate issues or anything but I do have a problem.




    Not ingame sound effects, but background audio. Both these games run audio as a Mixed Media CD. By the way, TR3, TR4 and TR5 all work perfectly because the audio system isnt Mix Media CD way.


    Running the disks directly through ePSXe is fine, all background audio/soundtracks play perfectly. But its just loading the image is a problem.


    I've tried creating the image (UltraISO, I payed for this program JUST FOR THIS) as .bin/.cue and even tried mds formats. Load the image in ePSXe and the audio doesnt play. I also downloaded daemon tools and added the image to a virtual drive and still no luck.


    Any way to fix this problem? I really dont like playing via the CDs. If they get stratched, I'll cry xD


    So I'll sum it up, Creating an image from a mixed media CD game and loading it via image itself or virtual drive just wont work. Any way to fix this :D


    Thankyou very much.



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