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  1. Nope. Not yet. My nes broke a while ago, and a friend's got my collection of loose carts. I should have a new nes here in the next day or two.

    Thinking zip-loc bags and seeing if I can find those anti-humidity pouches that come in shoe boxes?

  2. my friend and i beat beestorm dodonpachi in fbl today on my arcade. he loved it and it gave me a feel of when i played in the arcade as a kid/teenager.


    previous pix from old post:




    I know how that is. My friend and I played through Demon Front. Little did he know he was the second person in the world to play that game on an original xbox. lol

    Hell of a lot of fun button mashing and blowing shit up.

  3. Thanks for your explanation +T+.

    So what about a speed hack, lord IQ_132 ?


    (edit, 'cause I wrote a bad english)


    If you're referring to the psikyo SH2-based games, they're already heavily speed-hacked. The main issue there, along with the cps3 games, is that the cpu for these games is a Hitachi SH2.

    The only thing I can do to increase the frame rate is rip out sprite zooming, but that would make it extremely ugly. :S

  4. FBA's PGM code is a little unstable. It's got a couple of long-standing, hard to track, bugs that I've been having a hell of a time squashing. They are largely unpresent in FBL because it uses older code and ignores things like sprite zooming.

    As for the DDP2/DMNFRNT code, I'm probably just going to pass it off to someone else (Destronger please check your PM box), since I can't seem to find the time or motivation to work on it much.

    I probably will get some motivation to work on a couple of the things +t+ pointed out to me at some point, but if you guys want to see a release any time soon, It's best I pass things off.

  5. 1.9. Trying to not get roped into making a full-fledged update.


    Fair enough, I completely understand that. But just so you know the 1.10 source is pretty much complete. The only thing I didn't get round to doing was inserting kenshiro's VMM code back into the Asura games' driver and the Seta 2 driver. Also the Psikyo4 games don't work due to memory constraints; I was going to look into that but I don't know if I could have got them going or not.

    Ugh. Fine. :P I'll check it out. It shouldn't be too hard to add everything back into those/completely rewrite the vmm routines.

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