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  1. I supposed more recents Coinops versions included a .150 core when i saw this screenshot (the splash screen): http://abload.de/img/nwm0bqxqsaz.jpg

    maybe i misunderstood it. Anyway, i saw Buggy Boy running decently on an Android tv stick MK808 (on Mame4droid, Mame 0.139 based), It could be interesting trying a recent Mame version on a old pentium 3 class pc (comparable to the Xbox cpu) and see how it runs.

  2. If i did understand well, the latest versions of Coinops include a mame .150 core... it could be possible thanks to this, adding support to Tatsumi's Buggy Boy (1985), even with some frameskipping? IMHO is the only great classic arcade game still missing to be emulated on the Xbox.

  3. Personally i would be happy to see the inclusion of any arcade game (not necessarely recent) still missing. Most wanted title: BUGGY BOY (1985) :(


    PS What is the MMX core in the poll ?

  4. Sorry in advance if this is not a thread for requests... anyway, would be great in a next release

    including what i consider the last big game missing in Coinops: Buggy Boy.

    I know it can be ran through Amiga or C64 emulation, but of course would

    be ways better having the smooth wonderful arcade version. In spite of being a 1985 game,

    it appeared late in Mame (around in 2008) due to problems in emulating its double cpu.

    I think trying to see if the Xbox has enough horse power to run it is well worth,

    for me would be the cherry on top of Coinops. IQ132 and BP, i beg you !

  5. This played fairly well. It started up kinda choppy, however, after about a few seconds it stabilized and ran at a good frame rate. However, I noticed when the scene "got busy" it got a bit choppy again. For instance, in the scene when the man walks into the building and a lot of characters are walking around it slows up for a second or two. This also happens when he enters the woman's red office. Maybe the color shift caused it here?


    All in all, it ran OK, not great. I do have a 2.5 inch hd being run through a SATA converter, so you may want to ask someone else to double check on their 1.4 box with a standard IDE HD.



    sure, point me to a file and ill try it




    Xbmc should read it. Thanks in advance :)


    Thanks a lot ! Impressive result, in a pc the minimal requirements for similar files are a P4 class cpu running at 2 Ghz and more.

  6. I am totally for keeping only arcade cores. So of course would be welcome the still missing Midway core, and trying also to add a recent port of Mame that could run games still not supported. I am not talking about big recent games that cant be emulated by the Xbox hardware, but small ones emulated only recently. My first in the wish list, the arcade Buggy Boy. I would like also to see no-cpu games not properly emulated but simulated, as Monaco GP. Anyway, my opinion is keeping only coin ops.

  7. Yes, it is both for PSN and XBLA. My suggestion would be, at the sticker of left putting the menu for choosing games, at the sticker of right the use of the various buttons of the pad. About the bezel, it could be the original bezel of the showed game (if available), if not available could be a generic one changing with kind of game (for example one with a space ships theme for shoot em ups, one with cars for driving games, and so on...). Just my 2 cents :)

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