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  1. i put Resi 2 on, it was too fast, so i put the throttle to 1 and it fixed it, later on it got fast again and i couldnt do anythin about it! also, when playing Micro Maniacs, the frame rate is abysmal, yet on the compat list it says perfect. what settings do i need to change?

  2. i got the iso of bmx xxx, is there anyway to ftp the file to my xbox to play it, or modify it to run without having to burn it to dvd, then copy it to the hd? i dont have access to a dvd writer atm

  3. im thinkin of gettin a pad converter to use the ps2 ddr mats on the xbox, but was wondering which ones are good? apparently the dragon adaptor has a half second delay but wanted peoples opinions on others, thanks

  4. i just got a ddr 3rd mix back up, the zip has.ccd,.img and.sub. Can it run these files? also i see pppl talking about running in bios mode or hle where can u choose this? also are there any bios files i need, and if so where do i get them?

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