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  1. Trust me when I say Dual P3s, properly set up, are not a bottleneck. I used a dual P2 400 running NT 4 SP6, and man did that thing fly. Could compile a program and do a rad run on a map at the same time as browsing the forums without skipping or lagging at all. It's kinda funny, because I have a GF4 mx 64 mb here too, but with a TBird 1.2gHz and 512 mb of ram

  2. Just to note a coupla things you missed:


    You got down the standard operators alright (+, -, *, /) and their shorthand forms (++,+=, etc) but you missed a very essential and important set of operators - the bitwise operators.


    Here they are:


    & - Bitwise AND, performs a logical AND bit by between the two given variables

    Returns 1 ONLY if both inputs are 1

    AND Table:

    a b Out

    1 1 1

    1 0 0

    0 1 0

    0 0 0


    9 & 11 = 1001&1011=1001 = 9

    | - Bitwise OR, performs a logical OR bit by between the two given variables

    Returns 1 if either one, or both inputs are 1

    OR Table:

    a b Out

    1 1 1

    1 0 1

    0 1 1

    0 0 0


    9 | 11 = 1001|1011=1011 = 11

    ^ - Bitwise XOR, performs a logical XOR bit by between the two given variables

    Returns 1 if the inputs are different, also called a diffrential amplifier

    XOR Table:

    a b Out

    1 1 0

    1 0 1

    0 1 1

    0 0 0


    9 ^ 11 = 1001&1011=10 = 2

    ~ - NOT, complements (inverts) every bit in the variable

    Returns 1 if input is 0, 0 if input is 1

    NOT Table:

    a Out

    1 0

    0 1


    ~11 = ~1011 = 0100 = 4


    Shorthand style follows the same rules for these operators, so you can do things like &=, |=, ^= etc

    Note these are NOT the comparison operators, which are differentiated by doubling up the operators (&& for comparison and, || for comparison or, ! for comparison not)


    Oh, if you feel like a brain teaser, have fun with this little piece of code :(






    Those three lines will actually swap the contents of x and y without needing a temporary third variable. The question is, How Does It Work? Enjoy!

  3. Trust me, stick with NTFS. Here is my reasoning why:


    FAT16 and FAT32 were a logical and efficient choice for smaller drives, and can actually be quite quick when it comes to accessing things. However, you will notice that when you are formatting drives with FAT32, as the partition size grows larger more and more space has to be left unallocated because the filesystem can't handle it. NTFS will only ever leave 8mb unallocated, at least until you pass the 2 Terabyte per partition limit :)

    Next, you ever heard of a DVD Image? The binary dump of the data on a DVD? A single ISO file of a DVD can go over 4gb, and guess what the maximum filesize of FAT32 is? 4gb... after that, you run into some major problems.

    If you lose stuff on an NTFS volume, it can easily be recovered. Lose it on a fat32 volume, chances are its just plain gone (I am talking due to filesystem errors not deleted files, which anyone can recover).

    NTFS performance stays very consistent on small and large drives, which is actually pretty quick, but it is slower compared to fat for small drives. If your drive is bigger than 20gb at least however, I would say FAT32 isnt even an option if you are looking for your drive to perform.

    Oh, and K`, what's with the sheer number of OSes? :(http://www.ntfs.com/ntfs_vs_fat.htm

  4. Here's my personal experiences with each (and I have had quite a lot of experiences with all of them over the years):


    Western Digital - Have had quite a few of their drives, only 1 has ever failed on me - a 3 year old 40 gb drive that was sandwiched between two high performance drives with no breathing space. Sent it back on the day the warranty expired and they sent me a brand new one free anyways... A good company to work with. I currently have 2 Western Digital drives in this case and they are quiet enough not to be heard over the casefan, which itself is very quiet.


    Seagate - Silent, fast, deadly efficient is how you can express their best drives, especially the Barracudas. Though, you can expect to be paying an arm and a leg for them. If price isn't an issue, go for it!


    Maxtor - Only bought a Maxtor 20gb 5400 rpm drive a while back, but it is still running in this computer today, 4 1/2 years later... so they can't be that bad reliabilitywise. However, despite being the slowest and smallest harddrive in my case, it is also the loudest when accessing. While my Western Digitals can barely be noticed, this Maxtor in particular thrashes about when reading or writing. Note, this is only my experience with one maxtor


    IBM/Hitachi - Can't say anything good about the reliability for these guys. They run about average for a harddrive, but 3 drives and a warranty replacement for a friend later they still fail given enough time. And apparently we are not alone. A quick google search found that about half the high performance models IBM released in the past couple of years had unusual numbers of reports concerning reliability problems.

  5. I'm finally back, my desktop is no longer broken (so the FTP server is back up).


    A minor note: in MAMEoX, you will need to change those nstall_mem_write16_handler's to memory_install_write16_handler, with the second parameter ADDRESS_SPACE_PROGRAM, and 0 as the 5th and 6th parameters. So, for this line:

    install_mem_write16_handler(0, 0x2ffff0, 0x2fffff, mslug5p_bankswitch_w);

    You will need to change it to this line:

    memory_install_write16_handler(0, ADDRESS_SPACE_PROGRAM, 0x2ffff0, 0x2fffff, 0, 0, mslug5p_bankswitch_w);


    Oh, and I'll be putting up a new build if anyone is interested. Supports a few more romsets for which I found drivers for (including that mslug5p one Mr.X posted).

  6. The first is the standard build, the second has packed XBEs (315kb and 7mb vs 760kb and 39mb) for those who are more conservative with their harddisk space. The packed xbe version doesnt compress as well for obvious reasons <_<

    If you have driver information for those roms I will pop them in and rebuild as soon as possible :lol:

  7. This is a fresh rebuild of MAMEoX 0.84.b1 source with drivers for the newest NeoGeo romsets.


    Here is what (should be) now supported with this build:

    (NEOGEO ROMSETS 0261-0271)













    So far, I have tested Metal Slug 4 and 5 with this and tweaked the Virtual Memory settings to perfection (modified vm.txt included in the archive). I dont have most of the rest of those roms so if anyone would be willing to help test, please do. When you first load your romset, it will most likely run out of memory as it does not have VM settings enabled yet in vm.txt. There is a tutorial for tweaking VM settings included in readme.txt.


    Anyways, please post results and VM settings that worked for you here!


    Download Here


    The only two files I modified, neogeo.c and driver.c, are now also available for download. You can check here to see what specific romsets are supported. If you have driver information for a romset that is not supported yet, please send it to me so I can include it as soon as possible.



  8. When I was 4 or 5 or so we used to have a Kaypro I would play Sesame Street Learning Safari and Spiderman Graphical Adventure (a text based game that would slowly draw scenes of the screen to accompany the text). But I didnt really get interested in computers until I was 6 when my dad showed me a little Basic because I was up early and he wanted me out of his hair. From there, I taught myself all sorts of different languages and eventually started prying into hardware, and was totally hooked.

  9. What's new :


    - Fixed Namco System 1 bug - this should fix the following games:


        - shadowld

        - dspirit

        - quester

        - blazer

        - pacmania

        - galaga88

        - ws

        - berabohm

        - alice

        - bakutotu

        - wldcourt

        - splatter

        - faceoff

        - rompers

        - blastoff

        - ws89

        - dangseed

        - ws90

        - pistoldm

        - soukobdx

        - puzlclub

        - tankfrce


    - Fixed bug with DigDug, Xevious, Bosconian


    - All cleanup activity is now skipped when exiting a game and the launcher is

    simply reloaded.  This should fix most of the freezing issues during exit.


    - Fixed input mapping bug where changes made to game-specific mappings were

    being applied to the primary default configuration file.

  10. Is that evoxdash launched from the cdrw?

    The cdrw bootdisc is actually hit and miss typically, sometimes it will boot and sometimes it won't (usually works within 2-3 boots). It might have actually booted this time, in which case your only option is to make do with the settings that you had in the evox.ini you burned on there, hopefully allowing you to get into the xbox in some way.

  11. Well, that problem with solderless chips "coming loose" isnt altogether true. Every xbox I have fixed that supposedly had a loose chip on it, actually turned out had a different problem. The pins on most solderless adaptors, over time, can leave dents in the solder points, and one point specifically tends to fall through. Refill that solder point and you never have a problem again.


    Both of the softmods are very similar, just one replaces your default xbox dashboard altogehter, the other you can only get to with MechAssault. Course the first isnt compatible with XBLive, and the second is.

  12. 3 options:

    1) Chip it ($30-$50, depending on the chip) - Choose a chip, buy it, open up your box and void the warranty, align the chip, place it on the board, add a screw and you're done. (XBox modchips these days come with a solderless adaptor that uses the debug bios port ms left behind). Must turn off chip to go on xblive, or you can use xbconnect and not worry.


    2) Softmod it (get someone else to do it for you, $$ to them, or get an action replay and mechassault and I can tell you how to do it yourself) - copy savefile from memory card to xbox, run mechassault, select special savefile, ftp into xbox and copy files. Must disable mod to go on xblive, or you can use xbconnect and not worry.


    3) Partial softmod (works on all xboxes) - same mechassault / save hack except with a full bios loader and dash setup. After this mod is applied, your xbox is still like a normal xbox but to get to your emulators or games you have to put in mechassault and select the savefile. If you want on xblive, dont start up the mod dashboard through mechassault.


    You can also buy a replacement harddrive ($50+) if you want to have pirated xbox or ps1 games on there, but it is not necessary.


    Choose one.

  13. Xbox $150, softmod (I'll do it free if you're in SoCal), stock HDD is 10 gigs which is good for emulation. You dont need a bigger HD unless you plan on pirating large amounts of ps1 games or ripping xbox games to your HD.


    PS2 does have a much larger game selection, but I would look at the games for both consoles and see which one has more games you enjoy. Sure the PS2 has more games, but if they are games you are not interested in, nor will you buy, why buy it? With a modded XBox you can really have hundreds of games loaded up on there for free. Now that's what I call value.


    I still stand by what I said about the hardware being better, which it is. However, it often isnt what kind of hardware your console has, but how you use it. A weaker console with a well designed game that makes use of polygon decimation techniques will look better than a poorly designed game on a more powerful console.


    eh, to summarize: if you are looking into this because you plan on buying games for the system, see which system has more games you want to buy or rent and get that one. If you want a gaming machine and are interested in emulation, I would recommend the XBox.



  14. Possibly :lol:


    But anyways, I personally would recommend XBox. I may be biased as I have one, but here is my reasoning:

    After modding your XBox:

    That old PS1 of yours that broke? You can emulate the PlayStation quite well on a modded XBox.

    NES? SNES? Genesis? You can emulate every game you ever owned for those systems and more on the xbox quite easily.

    Ever played an N64 or want to play one? The n64 emulator for the xbox is (in my opinion) the best n64 emulator out there. You can emulate Goldeneye, Smash Bros, Mario64, Battletanx, etc all full speed and with only minor emulation errors (depot on goldeneye has scrambled floor, few sprites on smash bros like cursor and shield messed up)

    With MAME-X you can already emulate tons of arcade games, and with Kawa-X/FBAXXX you can emulate neogeo, CPS1, CPS2 games as well. Even better, an update is planned for another version of mame that may allow all of the above arcade games to be played using the same emulator.

    Got a gameboy or gameboy advance? You can emulate both of these too, even emulate two gameboys split screen with 1st and 2nd player controls and link them.

    With the S controllers you already have decent controls hooked up for all those emulators.

    Best of all, aside from the very most recent XBox released, you can mod the box without ever even opening it up!

    Who says the Xbox doesnt have as many games as the PS2? :D


    (there will never be a gamecube or ps2 emulator for the XBox though, so don't be expecting one)


    On the biased side, the XBox does have better hardware than the PS2 by default and I believe you get a better framerate / better effects than the PS2 for most games. Also, you can go online with the xbox either via XBox Live for money, or XBConnect for free.



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