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  1. Pokemon Diamond

    Pokemon Pearl

    Pokemon Ranger

    Digimon World DS

    My Sims

    Hotel Dush- Room 215 :P

    Naruto: Path of the ninja ( it's not bad too )


    EDIT: No double posting plz.

  2. What emulator are you using????If you are not using NO$GBA then try using no$gba and then run the game.Also use this setting.Go to options--------->Emulation Setup--------->Emulation Speed and under this choose Unlimited MHz, Disaster 10%.If even after this your speed does not increase then your comp does not meet the required minimum requirements



    No$Gba is the best-(known) emulator for DS.At least for me.

    But everybody has problems with the saving.

    So if you want to try the Pokemon on No$Gba, there is 95 % that you won't go further after you get the 2./3. badge, at least until we solve the save game problem :P

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