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  1. So after 6 months of trying to keep my relationship together, i've finally given up. I'm now starting to go back into xbox work again.


    My first projects include an update to Krayzie's NDure Installer and to harcrofts xbox 1 DLC installer package.


    After that, i'll be here to do more testing, working on the spreadsheet


    I missed the coinopsplus torrent however, so if someone can link me to a zip with the update, i can have that ready to go.


    Depending on interest, i MAY do another run with a torrent once i have everything together and working properly

  2. Why not just delete the games from the roms folder? Personally I would like to see XBox emulation get to the point where you dont need 2 separate emulators such as MAME and FBA. It would be nice if all arcade games worked under one emulator.



    THere are issues with just deleting. I use FBA-XXX 2.8 Pro. it's possible that some of the roms are incompatible with MameOX/Arcades/CoinOps. I personally would like to see a romset released with every single compatible game for MameOX running on a 128mb upgraded board to be released, with "Unplayable" games removed, "Crappy", "MahJong", or "Adult/girl" games able to be filtered, games with sound issues or light gun games filterable, games with Dupes able to be removed or filtered as needed/desired, and games that only run on 128mb boards filterable as well.


    Based on what BP has said in the past, the idea of using only 1 emulator for all will never come to pass. We could probably use 1 emulator as a front end to launch other emulators (similar to the N64 emulation), but BP has openly stated he won't support games that are only playable on 128mb boards....as a result, i MUST have 2 emulators. Furthermore, my understanding is that FBA-XXX runs the CPS1/2 and NeoGeo stuff better/with more options than MameOx will allow. If i am wrong, plz correct me on that, but in essence, FBA-XXX may be the better emulator for those games.


    I'd like to condence my roms collection, however, into as small a group as possible, and I want a single copy every playable game for each emulator, working, without dupes, and with plenty of filter options for the games that suck. ANd i am very thankful each day BP gets us all closer to that sort of vision

  3. Some suggestions:


    Keymaps -


    Over all, great work, though i find myself trying to use the X and A buttons for most games, instead of the A and B buttons....more comfortable to the thumb, easier access. Normally, i map X for action/shot, A for Jump, and either Y or B for Special/grenade/bomb (games like Final Fight fall in this category). I was wondering if there was a way to set a second keymap for everything that uses a set up closer to this, and maybe an easy way to swap between the 2 (or more) main keymaps. I normally use either a Sega Saturn controller, a Street FIghter 2 Anniversary Fighting Stick, or an unmodified Microsoft S type xbox controller to play on MAME, so it would be nice to be able to select any of those types and assign a set keymap depending on what controller is in what port. Probably way too much to ask for, but it would make it super sweet.


    This is probably a no-go also, but is there any way to get Ikari Warriors to use the right stick for direction?



    SplashScreen -


    would REALLY like to see this gone.




    Letters to divide sections -


    Great idea!!




    Not sure if CoinOp has it or not, but for games with both a 2 and a 4 player version, i'd like the ability to select the title and then select how many players....TMNT is a good example...if it's just me by myself, i'd pick the 2 player version so i'd have a free select of character. but if i've got 3 buddies and we're making a day of it, i'd like to be able to select the 4 player option and swap controllers around.





    Girly Games


    I honestly played Gal's Panic in my local arcade when I was 9 or 10. It's probably perverted me to no end. I understand about the crappy and unplayable Mahjong games or the really terrible ones, but i'd really like to see Gal's Panic and games like it in their own section/filter, added/viewed by choice.




    Dupe Games with FBA-XXX


    Any games that can be played with FBA-XXX, i'd like to be able to flag them and either hide/filter them out or flat out delete them




    great job as always

  4. My only hopes are that eventually, either games that were "outlawed" are allowed back in via end user choice (i honestly play Gals panic, and have since i first found it in my local arcade a long time ago), or that they get supported directly, and 128mb ram system get directly supported to allow a few more games to run.


    The work i see is killer. Here's hoping!

  5. I didn't follow along in the other (older) threads when i got sick to find out if 128MB Ram upgrades are now supported, so i'm once again advocating that functionality be included in this.


    furthermore, i saw a discussion about direct rom launching from UnleashX. I do not use XBMC as a dash...XBMC is a great media center, but a poor/unstable dashboard, and it will remain so until one can create a 100% customized environment, with the ability of nested virtual folders, as well as the many other features that make UX the better choice for a dashboard. So, i'd like to see this functionality for direct launch within UnleashX be included also.


    i know this next request is a longshot, but i'd kill for some systemlink capabilities. some pals of mine are dying to play Street Fighter Alpha 3 online with me, but since i refuse to play infront of a PC screen, if i don't play it on an xbox or Ps2, it isn't going to happen.



    As for size, I'm inclined to agree with others here....maybe a multiple disc set is in order....i have 5 xboxes here....2 with 500gb drives, 1 with a 400gb, and 2 with 300gbs. I've got the space to install this to the hard drive. If i get all the games AND the slick/flashy interface but i lose the ability to play off a single disc, screw the single disc!



    As for direction, I personally would like to go for A....one never knows what games get left out. I played Gals Panic a lot when i was younger, and based on the "no nude" games stance (Miss world 96 nude), i have a feeling that some games that would be enjoyable for certain people will not see support in this emulator, which would force me to have 2 emulators on my xbox to do the same thing. My personal goal in Emulation is to eliminate all the doubles and non-working stuff....not to weed out what I "MIGHT" not play. As it stands right now, instead of overwriting my old MAME roms folder when this came out, i was forced to keep 2 copies of Mame (Arcades and Mameox128+) on the drive just to make sure that any games that were not supported by Arcades that played fine for me were still kept (128mb supported games, "nude" games, etc).


    so for me, i see the best option as Option C with a menu option to turn it into Option A




    Lastly, thank you for all the hard work on this.

  6. ive had alot of people that arnt that good on xbox test it but as yet they cant compair builds correctly. I need someone like fam to test and make sure the build is a perfect update. I know my build is perfect but I dont have a perfect plat 2 just one that was close, so I need to make sure the patch is correct. I have an uploader but hes not good at testing. I will change the xbe before the full release of 550 megs it will have scan rom back :P although I dont support it plus has cut.

    And tommorrow ill release a new build that is stand alone....eg no roms etc add your own roms and scan



    I haven't been able to see you on MSN when i've been home, so i have not been able to assist. My next major days off are going to be new years eve and new years day.

  7. I'd be interested in testing this out if i had the time. Depends on how the fixes for my car go.


    I currently have all the new roms and the plat2 version in separated sections of my hard drive.



    One thing i'd REALLY like to request....i have a 128mb box and i'd like to get a perfect set on there of all games that will run on it, even if it doesn't run on 64mb boxes. I've noticed that there are now some games that work fine here that won't work at all in MameOX 128 Plus.


    What are the chances of you doing a similar update to Mameox 128 Plus?


    Big thanks for the hard work

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