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  1. i can't post pics till i get my digital working, but i might get some video clips working.


    also you can get xbox mugen here



    all the info you need is there.


    it works like a dream perfect at times



    and no we don't use mugen with xdsl.


    this is a bare bone mugen linux stripped to just

    run mugen alone.


    no overhead and has joy2keybuilt in so you can use the controllers


    this has been optimized for xbox

  2. i got some of the pain in the a$$ games to work on fba xxx that wouldn't work on mame ox


    pim isn't working on either


    svc only works on fba xxx without sound


    ssf2tu on mameox gives me this ternimal check flashing

    fba xxx just won't load it.



    any advice?




    games i got working...........



    ROTD.zip after adding a file -mame ox and fba xxx


    kof2003b - just on mame ox


    svc - fba xxx no sound


    samsho5 - works perfect on fba xxx (won;t load on mame)

  3. this seems to happen on neogeo section as far as i know.. i changed from svcsplus to ss2 n the noise glitch started happening.. i had the memory card inserted(neo geo emulated on fbaxxx) took it out n then it started the glitch


    edit:ok this happenes even with out the memorycard inserted...again, i went from svcsplus to ss2 n it happenes again, if you change from ss2 to another neo game, sound problem its still there.. only happened on pro version. tryed regular fbaxxx n i cant reproduce it..


    edit2: ok after some more testing, it seems that svssplus its the cause of this,, i tryed different games n no luck, i can only reproduce this glitch when i launch svcsplus then quit n change to another neogame



    svcplus has no sound for me....wtf??


    plays perfect but no sound

  4. works perfect on MAMEdOX 1.0 and 1.0 also all other variants work as well :D

    if you want dats let me know


    also that is not the parent make sure you have parent or else it wont work :)


    that's now the issue

    i can't find svcboot.zip anywhere.

    i have been looking and looking for days

    even got my girlfriend mad at me for

    being so hung to find it.


    i have the svcplus.zip and it shows up

    and in it the rom has


    . rom



    can i get that dat file?

    but will the parent rom


    have the.bin?

  5. i found a way to get all stages working in win mugen.



    in the def file


    change \ slashes to /







    spr = stages\MSH_Wolverine.sff

    debugbg = 1




    spr = stages/MSH_Wolverine.sff

    debugbg = 1






    also dos 2 win does work



    100% chance to work.


    so if your stages won't play in win mugen just go into it's def file and simple change the slash mark.




    happy gaming.

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