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  1. i guess one could say I was "Christian". I also dont drink, I dont do any drugs (unless you count cigerettes).

    I teach children about Jesus on Sundays. So, that about sums it up for me..


    We just live in a crazy place, and we're also lucky to be where we are, because almost all religions are accepted. We should be happy, I guess..... :)

  2. Oh my, that is terrible. This is why I believe parents have to have sex talks with their children early, before they start experimenting for themselves.


    Nevertheless, what's done is unfortunately done.




    I am going to give my kids the sex talk when they're real young, I'll tell them on their 10th birthday in a birthday card, and on the cover of this card is going to be the picture of birthcontrol pills and condoms.... Cause kids are crazy nowadays.

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