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  1. DSPad freezes on me and I wonder if I set it up incorrectly.


    DS2Key Compatibility Mode checked

    Local Port: 9501

    Server Port: 9501

    Server IP: (PC's IP)


    Hardware-wise, I'm using a DSLite (about two years old), an R4, and a 2Gb SanDisk. SVSIP worked fine until my trial to the free wifi-phone deal ran out, haven't really tried it with many other homebrew wifi apps.


    Server side response (DS2Key):

    Server running on port 9501


    Client side response (DSPad):

    DLDI Init: Success

    Loading "/DSPad.xml" Success

    Reading "/DSPad.xml" Success

    Selected player 1

    DS2Key mode is active


    Is it something I'm doing wrong?


    I have the same problem

  2. im running ds2key.exe in my computer and in DS (r4)and the program runs, i configure and order to connect, then, anything happens, i hate those 3 squares...


    on the computer that DOS window (xD) stays freeze and in DS i only see:


    Connecting to AP...


    Connecting to Access Point...




    and the 3 squares shaking


    my wi-fi connection is OK, i can connect to nwc and lose in jump ultimate stars ;Dd

    my problem is quite similar to yours, except sometimes it says cannot connect. ive done pretty much everything but its nto working =(. any got any ideas?



    Same here but it's because I've got a newer dslite which uses different wifi hardware and therefore ds2key needs to be updated with a new wifilib and I have already been waiting for that for like more then half a year =(.

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