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  1. Bambi
    After staring at the "Make a Blog" action for 2 years I've decided to make one.
    BUT, since I don't want to bitch about real people I've decided to write about what I watch on my TV.
    Simple enough. Not the best Blog prolly not the worst I hope.
  2. Bambi
    So after hearing alot of good things about Please Save My Earth! I watched the 6 episode series.
    It's in Japanese but subtitles are available. It starts out amazingly strong with alot happening at once.
    The Series is based off of the first half of the manga. That's a huge problem with it though as you never see the end of the story (unless you read the 21 chapter manga's). It gets to a great story arc then it's over. It's hard to describe half a series but it was a great watch for 2 hours (6 episodes).
    The story mostly follows Alice but it also follows her neighbor Rin and 6 other teens who all have dreams about living in a base on the moon. Mostly the series was the search for everyone sharing the moon dreams.
    I've since read the manga & I wish they had finished the story in the anime. It all makes more sense in the manga.
    If you can find it and have 2 hours to spare give it a watch.
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