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  1. The emulator can only be downloaded from XBINS, which requires FTP software and mIRC.


    its not the "only" place :P but a place you can get it (google can pretty much link you to any app they have listed in their ftp)


    zsnexbox is definitely the one to get :afro:

  2. i had a simalar prob and turned out on my end that if i had all 3 options set on i would get that problem so now i just got 720p set on and everything works fine.


    tho this is using the latest nes emu (mednafenx_nes_v8)

  3. it wasn't meant to run from a disc due to it reading and wrting to the hdd like it is in the arcade. not sure why its not running from your F partition but it works fine for me here using a x3 mod. tho i have had others play it fine using x2 chips and xecuter bios and formatting with a slayers disc.

  4. well as luck would have it :boxed2:, a guy asked me to checkout his xbox that he claims "cuts off" and wants me to replace its drive. I went and checked it out and noticed his thompson was dead to the point that it whines loudly when starting up the xbox and that his hdd was just clicking constantly. while replacing the hdd and dvd-rom, i noticed he was using a crappy old style x2 solderless mod that he had held down with a piece of velcro stick on :lol:


    but due to this, i'm now stuck trying to figure a way to stick it down so it can't move and stay down on the needed points. i've just finished trying hot glue but pogo pins lifted it off like nothing <_<


    any suggestions?

  5. not to hate on the fact that I know you guys/gals have a hard time getting this but to make a topic about getting it is not needed and goes as a warez which isn't allowed. and besides that, its not even about xbox, emus and such :lol:


    and as such, this topic is closed.


    Edit i didn't know robert moved it to a new topic so i'll leave it open since he is the topdog around here next to gamecop :huh: but still i feel this doesn't belong here

  6. nice to see some ppl still work on mame for xbox tho i still hope someone would look into sdlmame for porting sake heh.


    normally that link to the emu isn't allowed due to the default.xbe (being made with illegal sdk/xdk software) but i'll leave that up to gamecop or an admin to look into that.

  7. i know its been a while but believe it or not, i just grabbed the latest the other day and finished getting the updated roms heh. thought i'd test a few that clrmame said were a problem (even tho romcenter sees everything good) and only one came out with a problem, samsh5bl.


    the romset set cameout fine but when loaded in fba-xxx pro, it gives me a bank error. i know tis shouldn't be a big deal since the parent/decrypted work fine but i thought i'd mention it anyway and ask if theres been any new progress with the emu?

  8. Only on games that use alot of memory. Most games that run slow do so due to insufficient CPU power so more memory will make no difference.


    I guess there would be no boost in games like Daytona or Sega Rally 2 right?


    you are dreaming if you even think xbox can even play those :D


    back to the main topic, i believe capcom collection vol. 2 has sf1 so no need to worry about mame for this tho there is tg-16's fighting street cd (same game, different name) which works damn well on xbox.

  9. the lager size problem was originally dealing with the bios but that has since been fixed in later versions of xecuter bioses so you can use bigger hdds. i know you can off bat set a 250gb to F: only (meaning G: isn't needed) but for a 300gb to be on F: only has to be setup with xbpartitioner or otherwise use the F: and G: for anything bigger then that.


    evox as a dash is very dated and hihgly recom but for setting up a hdd, its still the same old process but don't try to lock the hdd with that version of slayers if the xbox is 1.6 as it won't support it. there is a newer version of slayer's that was released not too long ago that should be more helpfull.

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