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  1. This isn't about difference in opinion. This is about going off topic. The thread was about the technical discussion in the video. He brought his typical fanboy angst and totally ignored what was said in the first place. Now it is a typical my-machine-is-better-than-yours pissing contest. Bringing your same short-sighted ideas to every thread, including one specifically posted to debunk them, is trolling in my book.

  2. That, BlackKnight, is rude and offensive. If this was any other forum, those insults would get you banned. Glad you set such a high standard for newcomers around here.


    And if you already decided that the 360 was better, and have this video to back up your own opinion, then why defend it so adamantly? You wanted others to chime in and feed your own view of the situation, and apparently attack anyone whose views differ.


    Just know who threw the first stone here my friend.

    I wish you would get your pig-headed PS3-defending belligerence out of my threads. You don't read the topic- you don't know what the discussion is about, and despite specific evidence to the contrary of what you're saying, you troll in with all this Sony propaganda looking for a fight, and this isn't the first time you've done it. You really annoy me.


    This was about which machine was better- in the view of someone who actually knows what they're talking about. I posted this to cut through all the myths like 'Cell is 2x more powerful if devs use it properly' and all that crap. Carmack says that even at full capacity there are only a very small number of non-traditional situations where the PS3 will have a performance gain over the 360. What part of that are you so resistant to believing and why can't you keep on topic?


    In any case, this is becoming just like all the other illogical flame wars topics and it annoys me. The title was meant to promote discussion of the technical information presented in the video. Instead we have the same claptrap rhetoric arguments going on as always. So from now on, get on topic or this gets closed.


    And finally Gouken- I'm not just defending the 360 because that's what I own. I bought it because it was there were good arguments for owning one, and not the other way around. On the other hand, whether or not the PS3 is or will be a good system, you're proving it was a stupid decision for you to buy one by grasping at straws of irrelevant hardware (you mentioned USB ports, Card Readers and Wifi- whoopteeflockingdoo) and games / features that aren't out yet when you try to talk it up. It seems you're left with a crappy purchase and you're struggling to defend it to yourself. If you want to defend the PS3, address the information in that video because that's what this topic is about. Else take it elsewhere. Actually, as for you other arguments, save them. We've all heard them before.

  3. Has to do with the tasks the emulator is putting on a PC. None are very efficient. So they're putting a greater total on your CPU than would be put on the PS2 hardware... that's why it's not really comparable to say COD4 runs great, why won't PS2 games.


    Also emulation is almost entirely run by your CPU, while real games offload a lot of that onto a GPU.

  4. Good points. But apparently Blackknight wants to compare hardware. Anyways, did you download the latest PS3 update Don? In-Game XMB allows you to chat with your friends while in a game.

    Watch the video you moron. Someone who knows infinitely more than your stupid ass says the 360 hardware wins hands down. Stop trolling this crap into just as asinine a thread as all the others.


    Can we please get on topic and discuss that? I'm sick of idiots like you not even reading or watching the damn first post but throwing out all the PS3-support rhetoric just cause you think that's what this is about.


    Bottom line; 360 online wins. 360 library wins. And now we have a professional opinion that the 360 hardware also wins. Card readers and wifi don't have sh!t on that.

  5. GGs to Bambi and LSD today.


    Seriously, the SC4 netcode is shameful. Having to guess what's coming seconds ahead of time spoils this game.


    I remember they had similar complaints when T5DR was first released on PSN which they fixed. 2M sales for SC4 deserves at least one patch, doesn't it?

  6. I knew it was going to be crap when it was first announced that it would involve a Chinese mummy.


    Seriously, stop contaminating franchises with the Asian influence. It's not trendy you morons. Incidentally that is why only morons worked on this film, and why it was crap.

  7. Thank you, thank you.


    Did you want to compare media drives, card readers, wifi, USB ports, wireless capabilities (bluetooth), storage options and capacity... All those are hardware related.


    By comparing system specs and hardware capabilities, the PS3 clearly wins out of the box. I'd find it hard for even the hardest of hardcore xbots to argue against it. And don't give me that "I just want a gaming console" crap. All the extra bells and whistles, before mentioned, have made gaming much better, and easier for me. But as I tell most of my 360 owning friends who are currently shopping for their first or new hard drives to take advantage of newer features... you get what you pay for.

    And you are making this into the kind of thread that you said we didn't need more of.

  8. These systems are hardware. Their potential is dictated by that hardware and if it wasn't you wouldn't see PS4's down the track. Firmware updates can't evolve a system, else they wouldn't need new systems- new software would just keep coming out.


    The hardware is what is being discussed here. Console wars threads talk about the magic superpower of the Cell or Blu-ray- those technically inept myths are being debunked here. Thus it is putting that stupid uninformed debate to rest.

  9. Exactly. Crap like this scares new users away. Sure it's nice to have the freedom to talk smack and all, but other forums have rules against Vs. threads for a reason. It alienates people. Both systems are great.


    End it people. Close the thread and talk about something other then which system is better. This generation doesn't mean anything overall. Why? Because for some flocking reason the Wii, the worst out of all the systems, is 'winning'. Maybe you should make a thread about that. Discuss scenarios as to why a Gamecube with a new controller has actually outsold everything worldwide. That, to me, is a discussion worth having. And might provoke some intelligent thought as well.

    Read the thread title. The whole point of this was to end that idle speculation and put a 'case closed' sticker on the debate of which system is better. Because that debate is well and truly settled now.

  10. I have played those games, and many more if not all major FPS games since almost the beginning, and a post apocalyptic setting like this is fairly original.

    Most ignorant of the year award goes to that post. Post-apocalyptic is one of the most rehashed tropes in existence.

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