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    DOSBox v0.56 Released

    By XXLEnigma,

    A new version of DOS Box, a PC emulator with DOS for Windows, was released on Saturday. Here's the list of changes:



    DOSBOX:The program now has support for config files, read the README file for more information.


    CPU:Fixed/added some instructions, made string instructions interruptable.


    VGA:Small fixes and screenshot support was added.


    SBLASTER:Some more DSP commands and added some extra functions to the dma.


    PCSPEAKER:Cleaned up sound and added support for "RealSound" in some games.


    DOS:Rewrote most of the FCB calls and a lot of the file and drive handling routines were updated.


    TIMER:Improved the emulation of highres timers.


    MOUSE:Autolocked now when you click on the window with a game that can use mouse.


    DEBUG:Added support for better single stepping and better breakpoint and logging options. With this release the language file has been removed, you can now load one from the config file or a command line switch. Most of the other work has been done on internal rewrites, to hopefully be pretty close to compiling on big-endian machines.Let me point out here, DOSBox doesn't run any protected mode games, stop bothering us about those. In general this will mean games coming out after 1993, you can recognize most since they have

    DOS4GW.EXE in the game directory.


    Get more info and download at http://dosbox.zophar.net/

    PCSX v1.4 Released

    By XXLEnigma,

    A new version of PCSX, a Playstation emulator for Windows and Linux, has been released. Here's the list of changes to v1.4:



    Added NetPlay support, the api is not the same for cyberpad


    Errors on open/close/init are now only for negative values


    Added GPUclearDynarec, for pec


    Fix for Vandal Hearts 1/2


    Implemented Load Branch Delay stuff 8), thanks to Farfetch


    Added States Menu


    Fixed Memcards dialog on windows


    Recompiler is now 10% faster


    Several speedups over the code


    Implement fixed point over the gte (speed)


    Vsync timing is twice as slower than before


    Fixes to the Internal HLE Bios


    Several Cdroms improvements


    Fix for Parasite Eve 2, thanks to psychojak


    More info, and download at http://www.pcsx.net/

    DreamEmu v0.0.4.1 Test Released

    By XXLEnigma,

    A new version of DreamEmu, a Dreamcast emulator for Windows, has been released. This is a test version though and has further information on this thread. Also a list of chnanges coming from the readme:




    A minor bug in some delay slot instructions is fixed


    Store queues implemented



    Implemented plugin system


    Fixed FPS counter (was displaying a higher FPS than it actually was)


    3D Graphics Support

    Maple Bus:


    Revised plugin system

    polling of controllers much improved



    Fixed a few bugs like the crash on exit.


    Uses Win32 heap allocation functions for memory for very quick memory allocation.


    Windows XP Theme support.


    New user interface.


    Dosn't crash as much.



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