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    MAME WIP Updated

    By XXLEnigma,

    The MAME WIP has been updated with the following news:



    2002-10-10: Stephane Humbert fixed the controls in Kid no Hore Hore Daisakusen, making it also playable. Phil Stroffolino fixed the screen flip and coin counters in the Amazon / Amatelass and Kid no Hore Hore Daisakusen driver. Nathan Woods added a current scanline and horizontal beam position display to the MAME debugger. Aaron Giles fixed the NBA Jam sounds by removing some speedup hacks, as a result the driver will be much slower.


    2002-10-09: Phil Stroffolino merged the Amazon driver with Terra Cresta, adding sound emulation, and the protection in Amazon / Amatelas was fixed.


    2002-10-08: Phil Stroffolino sent in a driver for Amazon / Amatelas and Kid no Hore Hore Daisakusen, however colors are imperfect, sound is not emulated and the games aren't playable.


    2002-10-07: smf added vertical scanlines and a lot of configuration options to the DOS version of MAME.


    2002-10-06: Stephane Humbert fixed the DIP switch settings in the working games in the Jaleco Mega System 32 driver. Paul Priest added priorities, global sprite offsets and sprite buffering to the Magical Cat Adventure and Nostradamus driver. Stefan Jokisch added collision detection to the Birdie King driver, making both Birdie King 1 and 2 fully playable.


    View HERE

    Un-Official UltraHLE v1.1.0 Released

    By XXLEnigma,

    "l@g", who is a member on EmuTalk, has released his first un-official release (v1.1.0) of Nintendo64 emulator UltraHLE. He has plans for this un-official release to, as he said in the release notes:



    Fixed 'romnames with spaces' bug. (Folders supported too).


    Eliminated very much redundant code (more speed).


    Some GUI corrections.


    Better support for WinXP Voodoo Drivers.


    Fixed some sound routines (more speed).

    Future plans:


    More compatibility (of course).


    Add all SupraHle modifications and more (always is possible...).


    Zip support.


    Language support.


    Plug-in support (Advanced Options), not only plugins under the zilmar specs. I think to release better Audio and Graphics plugins (with D3D and/or OpenGL support) under the own 'UltraHle specs'.


    Skins support :).


    and more...

    Get it HERE

    DCStella v0.2d Released

    By XXLEnigma,

    A new version of DCStella, a Atari2600 emulator for DreamCast, has been released. Here's the list of changes:



    DCStella is now based on Stella 1.2, so it now works with more games like Pitfall 2. Basic paddle support (try up/down on d-pad for diffrent modes). Left trigger and right trigger are now also mapped to buttons C and Z for the arcade stick. Swapping of joyports for Raiders Of The Lost Ark and others (use left trigger to swap after activating in the menu). Thanks to a hint from Dan Potter, the author of KOS, sound now works like intended. New and exciting features are already in the pipe, so stay tuned.


    Get it HERE

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