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    KiGB v1.11 Released!

    By XXLEnigma,

    KiGB is a Game Boy and Game Boy Color emulator for Windows, Linux and DOS.




    Adjusted the rendering timings. Fixed the flashing dash line in Jeopardy. Fixed the one-line missing (near the top) problem in Castelvania 2 when a level was completed.


    The left and right sound channels were swapped. Fixed.


    Fixed a sound generating bug. The noise was disappeared in Bomb Jack, Mega Man V, Gensan 2 and others. The speech in Gensan 2 sounded perfectly.


    Fixed a CPU opcode timing bug.


    [Linux only] KiGB was linked statically and no longer required any shared libraries.


    [Linux only] Windowed mode was displayed when KiGB was started with a ROM in full screen mode. Fixed.


    Get it at - http://kigb.emuunlim.com/

    FBA & Nebula/Kawaks Cheat Archive & MAME Cheat File

    By XXLEnigma,

    FBA Cheat Archive is the cheats to use with the CPS-1, CPS-2 & Toaplan2 emulator Final Burn Alpha for Windows. MAME Cheat File is a CPS-1, CPS-2 & Toaplan2 cheat.dat cheat file to use with the emulator MAME. Nebula/Kawaks Cheat Archive is a archive of cheats to use with the CPS-1 & CPS-2 emulators Nebula & Kawaks for Windows.




    New games added:

    Battle Circuit (Euro 970319)

    Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (Hack2)

    Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (US 930201)

    Carrier Air Wing (Bootleg)

    Dimahoo (US 000121)

    Great Mahou Daisakusen (Japan 000121)

    Magic Sword - Heroic Fantasy (World 900623)

    Street Fighter 2 (US 910411)


    Added more cheats for:

    Magic Sword - Heroic Fantasy & Clones

    Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter & Clones

    Marvel Vs. Capcom & Clones

    X-Men Vs. Street Fighter & Clones


    Fixed some cheats for:

    Battle Circuit & Clones

    Magic Sword - Heroic Fantasy & Clones

    X-Men Vs. Street Fighter & Clones


    Get it at - http://haggar.emuunlim.com/

    WinUAE 0.8.22 Release 4 Released!

    By XXLEnigma,

    WinUAE is a Amiga & Amiga CD32 emulator for Windows.



    - changing joystick options in ports-tab caused joystick to not respond in some cases

    - bad performance on laptops with power saving enabled

    - mouse handling updates

    - RDB SmartFileSystem 1.58 (and older?) crash fixed

    - more filesystem bug fixes

    - uaescsi.device reset crash on Win9x

    - some games had problems detecting slow ram (for example Lotus 3), fixed

    - MIDI SYSEX buffer overflows fixed

    - sound timing always defaulted back to PAL when WinUAE lost or gained focus, fixed

    - more ALT-TAB switching problems fixedja


    New features:

    - improved FPS counter

    - filesystem notification (ACTION_ADD_NOTIFY, ACTION_REMOVE_NOTIFY) support added and more..

    - CD-led is lit when CD32 audio track is playing

    - new keyboard shortcuts: PAUSE-pause emulation, PAUSE+END-turbo speed

    - CAPS-image support (http://www.caps-project.org/)

    - Catweasel MK3 support (joystick ports, keyboard and Zorro2-board emulation for multidisk.device) Card base address must be manually added to configuration file (catweasel_io=0x????). This will be fixed when real driver supporting all Catweasel features is available.

    - 1.5MB slow RAM support


    Get it at - http://www.winuae.net/

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